China, War and the Whistle by Andrew Parsons


The opening ceremonies of the Paralympic Games in Beijing have unwittingly witnessed live for the leaders of major international sporting events.

After decades of flirting with authoritarian regimes and governments with appalling human rights records, the Olympic/Paralympic movement has once again seen the humiliation its willful blindness and conciliatory policies have reported.

Imagine: In early February, Vladimir Putin, a member of the Olympic Order, walked near the grandstand at the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Games. Meanwhile, his soldiers were gathering on the borders of Ukraine and preparing to invade this democratic country.

Putin was in the stadium when Thomas Bach reminded him that the traditional Olympic truce was once again adopted by the United Nations (UN) and must be respected. Addressing Putin almost directly, the IOC President even said: Give peace a chance.

Bach launched this message a few meters away from host Chinese President Xi Jinping, whose government is engaged in genocide, especially among the Uyghur minority.

We know the rest. The Olympics were barely over when Putin invaded Ukraine and began destroying entire cities and bombing civilian groups. Despite the repulsive doping system supported by the Russian state during the Sochi Games, Putin, a close friend of the IOC, now poses the greatest threat to world peace.

Somehow, the IOC tried to separate itself from Putin. We tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube by withdrawing the medal from the Order of the Olympiad and asking all international federations to cancel their planned competitions on the territory of Russia. Then, the next day, the IOC returned to the charge, requiring Russian and Belarusian athletes to be excluded from all international competitions.

Last Wednesday in Beijing, two days before the opening of the Paralympic Games, IPC president Andrew Parsons initially opted for straight-ventrism. He announced that Russian and Belarusian athletes will be able to participate in the Games, provided that they participate under the colors of the Paralympic flag.

A plenary session should be held to suspend the delegations of these two countries. Our bylaws and regulations require six months’ notice prior to holding a general meeting.Andrew Parsons explained embarrassingly.

This position sparked outrage around the world. Threatening to boycott the Parsons Games, multiple athletes and countries had to appear on the microphone the next day, on the eve of the opening ceremonies, to announce that the eventual victory of Russia and Belarus was not welcome.

When it came time to deliver his speech at the ceremonies, Andrew Parsons was excited. It’s not every day that we launch an international sporting event in the heart of a totalitarian country where one of its most loyal allies has just started a war.

That’s why the CIP president took advantage of the world forum to make a lively plea for peace. It wasn’t too risky, you’ll tell me. Peace is a bit like motherhood and apple pie: no one can be against it.

A man in a jacket and tie raises his fists.

Andrew Parsons, President of the International Paralympic Committee

Photo: AP/Shuji Kajiyama

Therefore, Mr. Parsons attacked Russia and Belarus anonymously and reiterated that the Olympic/Paralymic ceasefire must be respected. He said he was horrified by the outbreak of war and said: esiècle est l’époque du dialogue et de la diplomatie et non celle de la guerre et de la haine”,”text”:”le 21esiècle est l’époque du dialogue et de la diplomatie et non celle de la guerre et de la haine”}}”>21and The 21st century is a time for dialogue and diplomacy, not war and hatred..

Andrew Parsons, visibly impressed by the state of the world, ended with a shout. peace.

And there we learned once again how little to do with the moods or ideals that the dictators of this world, the president of the CIP, or his colleagues in major international sporting organizations advocate.

In fact, the Chinese have never heard Andrew Parsons’ peaceful speech because the television network CCTVControlled by the state, he quietly blew his whistle.

The CCTV translator did not translate the part of the speech condemning the start of the war. It wasn’t any more complicated than that.

Daily Japan today He also reported that the broadcaster turned the volume down during Andrew Parsons’ speech, just as you did to reduce an annoying noise.

CIP leaders were quickly made aware of the censorship that President Parsons was subjected to. In anger, they demanded an explanation from the leaders of the network.

Twenty-four hours later, they said still no response.

However, it flows from the source, this answer.

Dictators frequented by CIO, IPC and CIO leaders. Fifa or F1 has nothing to do with sporting ideals. And they don’t want to let each other pollute with the values ​​conveyed by the sport (less and less should be said better).

On the contrary, they use sports to make propaganda and spread their own message.

Sport is supposed to be a universe where people from all over the world come together to share common values ​​such as human fraternity, dialogue, self-transcendence, respect for rules and opponents.

At the end of the day, if you are doing sports or organizing sports activities with people you cannot even establish such basic common denominators, you are completely on the field.

The world has changed dramatically in the last two weeks. Meanwhile, the world of sports is also taking an unprecedented break. Either way, nothing will ever be the same.