Close to Toulouse. Renovations, subway, cars… How will this lung of agglomeration change?

Colomiers, the second Haute-Garonne city behind Toulouse, is working on a major urban project that will change the face of the city in the next ten years.
Colomiers, the second Haute-Garonne city behind Toulouse, is working on a major urban project that will change the face of the city in the next ten years. (© Colomiers Town Hall)

In the shadow of Toulouse and the emergence of many permanent urban renewal projects or new districts (Montaudran, Cartoucherie, Malepère, etc.), Colomiers is also about to undergo a major transformation.

Colomiers exceeds 40,000 inhabitants

The second city of Haute-Garonne, Establishment of 2700 companies With over 40,000 inhabitants (with heavy Airbus weight) and Insee (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Research) officialized at the end of 2021 – the town has 40,529 inhabitants – it’s at the beginning of a real start. uprising in his environment. It’s a comprehensive project that could take at least ten years.

Metro will redistribute cards

The first big change will be the arrival of the subway. If the A line was extended to the gates of Turkey in 2003 Balma (Haute-Garonne) east, and one of the terminals of Line B at the head of the southeast town of Ramonville, marking the first time since 2007 that the subway will cross a town on the third line. According to the current program, it should be opened by the end of 2028. Two stations will serve the suburbs of Toulouse: Airbus Colomiers-Ramassiersand Colomiers train stationfuture western terminus.

Colomiers station will have a metro station at the end of 2028.  This will cause a big change in the industry.
Colomiers station will have a metro station at the end of 2028. This will cause a big change in the industry. (©Actu Toulouse/Anthony Assémat)

At the beginning of the 2022 academic year, the station parking lot will not be accessible.

The station, located on the C line with Toulouse, Auch (German)It is a quarter hour walk from the city center. A safe loop and pedestrian connection will be created to facilitate smooth movements. But the arrival of the metro in this area will cause initial inconveniences for park and promenade station users, the future area of ​​the station will be located between the roundabout, the bus station and rue Etienne Collonggues. “From September or October 2022, the car park will no longer be accessible to vehicles and we will transform the supply system into a multi-modal exchange centre. This is where the tunneling machines will work,” he states. Toulouse news Karine Traval-Michelet, mayor of Colomiers (PS) and 2and Vice-president of habitat and shelter for Toulouse Métropole.

The fact that 250 parking spaces are regularly filled from morning to night is a huge challenge from a perspective perspective. Thus, a new temporary bus relay will be created in François-Mitterrand square.

The mall will be demolished

Another consequence: the Vignemale shopping center located directly opposite the station will be demolished as part of the construction site. Finally, the arrival of the subway park a 1,000 field and keep going, a bus station, 150 parking spaces for bicycles (100 spaces with regulated entrances and 50 spaces in the 25 arched forecourt), and a 20-seat car pool boarding area. Colomiers will be the gateway to the west with an inevitable influx of cars. Should the terminal be pushed back to En Jacca, as some voices demand?

“Initially the project stalled at Airbus-Ramassiers. We can always do more, but we leave the possibility of extending the line to En Jacca if necessary in the future”.

Karine Traval-MicheletMayor of Colomiers (PS)
Colomiers Town Hall.
Colomiers Town Hall. (©Actu Toulouse/Anthony Assémat)

what’s coming to the city center

The city center is also preparing for a major renovation. Today, in the shadow of the imposing Town Hall, the hypercenter has given way to a solid commercial fabric (despite a 10% vacancy according to town hall figures), a dynamic open-air market, a sea Jean-Vauchère boasting 500,000 entries per capita. year, an imposing media library, the White Mansion and the arrival of a new cinema, the Grand Central Veo and 762 seats for five screens.

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Not to mention the buildings left independent from the former Le Central cinema, rue du Centre, which should have a cultural vocation in the future.

But the city’s socialist mayor intends to breathe new life into this city centre. “We have to give it back a city center experience. He lacks taste today, ”the first city councilor noted.

City centre, “open-air car park”

To date, parking is completely free in the city center of the second commune of Haute-Garonne. So a big bang is being prepared at this level…

“Too many cars, the city center has turned into an open parking lot! This creates islets of heat. We will work on the gaps and question the location of the car. There will be reluctance, but the traders are aware. The city center is dying”.

Karine Traval-Michelet
Karine Traval-Michelet is the mayor of PS Colomiers and the second vice president of housing and housing for Toulouse Métropole.
Karine Traval-Michelet is the mayor of PS Colomiers and the second vice president of housing and housing for Toulouse Métropole. (©Actu Toulouse/Anthony Assémat)

A master plan is under construction and initial proposals will be presented in the coming months, in particular with the hiring of a city center manager in the pipeline as well as the development of more living spaces (games, benches, terraces). organization of events and more vegetation.

Another strong recommendation from the Interland town planning office: demolition of the Rouergue car park-silo, but only on the most airy part.

City Hall hopes to begin operation in 2026 by the end of his term.

Renovated old neighborhoods

The Colomiers urban project is also characterized by: a deep renewal of its oldest parts. “Historically it has developed over its ZACs such as Colomiers, Ramassiers, Perget, En Jacca, Marots… We wanted to return there to the old neighborhoods with a strong urban mix and a social housing ratio of close to 30%. In these neighborhoods that no longer meet the challenges of the 21st century,and In the 21st century, families are more precarious than elsewhere,” identifies Karine Traval-Michelet.

Computer-generated image of the urban renewal of the Grand Val d'Aran, specifically a new public garden in the pipeline.
Computer-generated image of the urban renewal of the Grand Val d’Aran, specifically a new public garden in the pipeline. (©Interland design office – Image not contractual)

Grand Val d’Aran, a symbolic site

after renovation Fenasciaries (end in 2022), a zone containing 430 residences and projects under consultation as below pelvoux (with the construction of two new buildings in 2023 and the rehabilitation of retained dwellings in 2025), the most emblematic project concerns Great Val d’Aran, It has been included in the City Policy since 2014. “This is the biggest project in Colomiers in the last 40 years,” says city councilor columérine.

In connection with the re-qualification of the hypercenter, the rehabilitation project should definitely turn its back on the aesthetics of the 70s, when concrete was on the court. “The Val d’Aran area has been abandoned for 30 years and we want to give it back its city center spirit. Health, sports, environment… We want to gain new functions with the creation of public facilities.”

The strong axes are the creation of a health centre, a senior residence, a large public garden with ample replantation. construction of a citizen house and martial arts and boxing house “Metropolitan size” targets the municipality by 2025.

To the east of the metropolis, the municipality Saint-Orens (Haute-Garonne) He inaugurated Martial Arts House in 2019. Enough to offer a good geographic balance in this area.

A major component is residential, with the rehabilitation of 295 houses and the construction of 200 additional houses.

Destruction of Gascogne bar and big footbridge

Two symbolic demolitions are planned. Firstly soda barThis would be a gradual deconstruction according to the gnawing technique we saw working at Empalot in Toulouse or in the Negreneys district. A deconstruction that will begin on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 but must be postponed.

The other big issue that fueled the discussions of the locals was the demolition. The largest pedestrian bridge in the area. “It will be an important event for Columérins, but it’s part of the overall vision of the project,” says Karine Traval-Michelet. The footbridge will “fall” in June.

A massive urban project costing €100 million (including €25 million funded by Toulouse Métropole and €25 million funded by the Municipality of Colomiers).

New police station, self-service bikes… Other projects

Colomiers will install self-service bike stations. “We are poised to host between 15 and 20 stations to increase cycling practice and find new habits,” the mayor of Colomiers told Actu Toulouse in January 2022.
The system will be modeled on that of VélôToulouse to ensure continuity of service between rental bikes in Pink City and Colomiers. Self-service bikes are expected to be introduced in late 2022 or early 2023.

Another project carried out by the municipality: the creation of a 800,000 Euro House of ecological transitions. “It will aim to mobilize and network actors in the region by giving them the keys to accompany behavioral changes,” says Colomiers town hall. Work should begin in November 2022 for the building to be delivered in September 2023.

Finally, Colomiers is working with the State to build a new police station. “The police station will be financed and built by the Municipality, then leased out by the State,” says the town hall.


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