Club suspends women’s coach over ‘inappropriate facts’


PSG women’s coach Didier Ollé-Nicolle is suspected of treating team members “inappropriately”. A new extra sporting relationship for the Paris club following the attack on player Kheira Hamraoui in November.

A press release issued by the club on Tuesday evening, “facts and words” who, “if approved, it would be incompatible with the sporting and humanitarian values ​​of Paris Saint-Germain.“. PSG explaining that it has been informed”Inappropriate facts and statements to which members of the women’s team are exposed“, thus declares”fire” by coach Didier Ollé-Nicolle. And this “from a joint agreement“, “to protect the interests of all stakeholders.

This measure is conservative and temporary in nature. It will in no way prejudge the results of the internal investigation or any decisions the Club may have to take.“, says PSG. The club that also says “take the situation very seriously“, “It aims to shed full light on the facts and explanations reported.“PSG does not provide further details on the nature of the charges against the 60-year-old technician, who arrived in the capital last summer and is under contract until June 2023.

Versailles judicial police also took possession of the case and heard from a source close to the investigation who did not file a complaint. On the club side, interviews were held on Tuesday with staff and players heard in this case by the PSG human resources department from a source with knowledge of the case. Didier Ollé-Nicolle was also received by a club delegation.

Some of the charges against him date back to PSG’s preseason summer in the United States, and the club’s “echoed“from someone”inappropriate gesture“According to the same source, from the manager to a player on the roster. At the time, the matter was settled by mutual agreement after all parties had heard, but the club decided to regroup. On Tuesday, after a few new pieces of information were released on social media networks in recent days.

On Monday, Prime Video reporter Tiffany Henne really revealed from twitter that the coach insulted his players and “seize the hips“One of them, a minor. The coach who was called to explain himself mentioned a clumsiness and apologized to his group,” France Bleu Paris said.

Still upset by the turmoil of the Kheira Hamraoui affair last November, whose aggression is still unresolved, the season of PSG’s women’s division has been tarnished further. The midfielder has since fallen out with a few teammates and is currently training away from the pro roster. His partner, Aminata Diallo, who was present on the evening of the attack, was detained by the police by the Versailles judicial police, before leaving without charge, like a friend imprisoned in Lyon.

other man”known to the police“According to a source close to the investigation, he was detained in this case before being released on April 27. Kheira Hamraoui, who returned to the competition at the end of January, was suspended from the field again until further notice at the end of April after following an argument with his teammates at practice.

Les Parisiennes, who manages the French champions, is having a complicated season on the pitch despite his victory in the French Cup. The team was eliminated by Lyon in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Their big rivals, Lyon, also have a five-point lead with two days left in the French Championship. This new case comes just before the D1 summit between PSG and Lyon at 21:00 on Sunday at the Jean-Bouin stadium. One draw will be enough for OL to win their 15th national title.