Confronted with the web, traditional classified ads didn’t have their last word

Renaissance Advertisements
Advertising played a key role in the development of commercial relations in the 18th century. ©Renaissance – Le Bessin

in XVIIIand century, offers played a vital role in the development of trade relations. Historian Claire-Lise Gaillard In his article on the Matrimonial classified ad, “Colonial, 32 years old, serious, in good condition…” states that he opened the newspapers to advertisements and was accused of bribing the press by the advertisements.

I’ve been advertising to La Renaissance for 40 years.

Marcel, former merchant

Under july monarchy, the expenses of large newspapers increase significantly, and as a result, the press can no longer do without income from advertising. In the 19th century, the decrease in subscription prices and therefore the increase in access to information was also due to these resources.and Century.

A hundred years later, in the 1980s, new technologies began to disrupt our practices. this marriage announcements in competition with the newspaper. dating sites perceived as more interactive and private.

Commercially, in the late 2000s, sites like “Le bon coin” established themselves as key players in the circular economy. We researched and tried to understand why the Renaissance announcements continued in recent years.

internet is not everything

Renaissance Advertisements
Traditional classified ads didn’t have the last word. ©Renaissance – Le Bessin

Traditional classified ads haven’t had their last words and continue to receive genuine attention. “I don’t have internet and I’ve been posting at La Renaissance for 40 years,” says Marcel, a former shopkeeper in the area.

Patrick is a retired doctor and passionate about vintage weapons, regularly posting in our newspaper to find his belongings and perfect the collection he started 55 years ago: “The Internet is good for flea markets, but not for valuables. About ten searches a day, “Le bon coin” It allows me to reach a certain generation, where it can be a real foil.

a local approach

For Guy who is hoping to sell his van: “I’m happy to post in Renaissance, I don’t want to go online for the moment and then it lets you sell in that region, faster, more reassuring and nicer”. Ads are still popular. The Internet is not everything, paper newspaper allows non-digital experts to continue to communicate, sell and search for objects locally. A true intimacy, accessibility and an up-to-date approach.

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marriage announcements

In the 19th century, marriage agencies prospered in Paris. From the turn of the century, we see real reviews that list locally available singles pop up in their papers. In their article, “Bottom of the classifieds: when intimacies are negotiated on page four (Third Republic)” by researchers Hannah Frydman and Claire-Lise Gaillard: Marriage, sexuality, sensuality, or hygiene, more subject offerings than wishes.

They still talk today about a real commodification of love that has allowed historians and sociologists to study the history of sexuality. In the 1980s, advertisements served as havens for gay encounters.

Although the number of marriage agencies has halved today, the advertisements at the end of our newspaper continue to bloom. Laurence, who runs the marriage agency, regularly uses paper ads as a complement to his ads on social networks to reach another generation. “I am determined to get people into a serious relationship, advertisements in the newspaper allow me to reach other people, especially the elderly. The air of nothingness, the postings allow everyone to find a soul mate.

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