contaminations are still being drawn in France

UPDATE ON THE SITUATION – New measures, new results and highlights: Le Figaro Provides an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Decline in pollution, stagnation in hospitalizations, return to isolation in Shanghai… Le Figaro It evaluates the latest information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic on Sunday, April 17.

86,650 cases in 24 hours

In the last 24 hours, the French public health agency recorded 86,650 cases of SARS-CoV2 virus infections. This figure is not very representative for the weekend, as fewer people were tested, but lower than on the previous Sunday (over 107,000 cases). Same trend, calculating the seven-day average of 117,664 compared to 135,646 a week ago.

Mild stagnation during hospitalizations

This contamination was accompanied by a very slight ceiling in hospitalizations for several days, when they began to rise sharply since the beginning of April.

Compared to the 24,894 hospitalized the previous day and the 23,626 patients the previous Sunday, 24,922 Covid patients are currently being treated in French hospitals, including 315 new admissions. Of these patients, 1,636 are being treated in intensive care units that deal with the most serious Covid cases. Only more than Saturday (1,630), but less than a week (1,562).

In Printemps de Bourges, an uncertain participation

This musical reunion opens the festive season: After two raids interrupted by a health crisis, Printemps de Bourges returns to its traditional format, but not knowing if the public will fill all the rooms as before.

First, the glass is half full. “This is a regular release so it will be outstanding”Boris Vedel, the director of the event, which is planned to be held between Tuesday and Sunday, is delighted. “We are returning with a stronger stance on creating and emerging”The manager continues.

If in the last two years there have been concerts on symbolic scale in 2020 and limited concerts in 2021, as the city said, “empty and sad” Due to health restrictions in the face of Covid-19.

spring, almost “From 150 artists” Scheduled this year, it has the ability to attract professionals from the music industry. “We’re going to beat the bar of 4000 pros, an ostensibly professional attendance record, extra”It excites Boris Vedel.

But there are also concerns about the influx of people (200,000 for the last real print in 2019). Printemps’ boss is scared “overall, 30% less participation, which makes the financial balance fragile, but should not take away the joy of being together”.

“People got used to going to the cinema, to the theater, to the concert. Analyzes Boris Vedel. And among the younger population, some have learned to party differently and don’t have the festive reflex, there is work to be done about it.

People are also buying “Places are too late, some say to themselves, ‘If I were Kovid, I would take part in vain’; There is room left for Friday and Saturday evenings, everything will be in the last days”, it adds. The spring boss also notes a brake on the layers “popular and family” with the people “a sense of loss of purchasing power, a feeling highlighted by the presidential election”.

Towards a turning point in the containment of Shanghai

He said two sources familiar with the matter bode well for the Chinese city and that the population is facing growing frustration, with Shanghai giving it until Wednesday at the latest to stop the spread of the coronavirus outbreak outside of the quarantined areas. quarantine and the beginning of a return to normal life.

To achieve this goal, authorities will need to step up their testing campaign and transfer of positive Covid-19 cases to quarantine centres, according to a speech by a local Communist Party official Saturday seen by Reuters.

Shortly after achieving this goal, other cities such as Shenzhen reopened public transportation and allowed businesses to return to work.

Chinese space station unaffected by Covid-19

Chinese space agency director Hao Chun said at a press conference on Sunday that the Covid-19 outbreak will not affect China’s space station construction and that construction progress is under control.