Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) – fight against the Omicron variant: a new set of measures announced on 27 December 2021

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Faced with the spread of the Omicron variant, 5 new health measures aimed at limiting coverageand On 27 December 2021, the epidemic wave was announced by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health. The deadline for vaccine pass, booster dose has been reduced, at least 3 days of compulsory remote work, limited meetings, return to wearing masks in some, food and beverage is prohibited in public transportation in city centers… It discusses these measures.

At the end of the Health Defense Council held on 27 December 2021, the Prime Minister announced new health measures aimed at preventing the spread of the virus and preventing the saturation of intensive care and resuscitation services in hospitals. These new restrictions follow a series of announcements made on December 17, 2021. a decree issued official newspaper from 1private January 2022 defines some of the measures announced: isolation rules, measurement in some public workplaces, sale and consumption of food and beverages in certain places is prohibited, masks are mandatory from the age of 6 on.

Hygiene measures announced

immunization: From 28 December 2021, the eligibility period for additional vaccination against Covid-19 has been reduced to three months (no longer 4), in the opinion of the Supreme Health Authority (HAS).

Insulation rules: Isolation periods of sick and contacted cases vary according to the vaccination status of the person. Isolation rules and durations are not the same for people with or without a full vaccination schedule.

Request : As of January 3, 2022, the use of telework has been made compulsory for all possible employees, at least three days a week and four days if possible. The same is true for public officials. The swearing-in ceremonies should be postponed.

Gathering and rest. From January 3, 2022 and for 3 weeks, the displays will be restored for major events: 2,000 people inside, 5,000 outside. Standing concerts will be banned. Standing consumption is prohibited in cafes and bars. In some places such as cinemas, theaters, sports facilities, the sale and consumption of food and beverages is prohibited. The sale of drinks and food on public transport (including long distance) is prohibited.

Included until January 23, 2022, nightclubs are prohibited from welcoming the public. This ban is valid for dance events in public establishments such as restaurants and bars until the same date.

Wearing mask: The obligation to wear masks in closed areas in all workplaces open to the public from the age of 6 has been extended by the district governors, together with the mayors, to certain city centers.

vaccine pass: health card must be vaccination card by January 15, 2022. To access places where the health card is relevant (bars, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, museums, gyms), a negative test for Covid-19 will no longer be sufficient, it will be necessary to present the vaccination certificate, i.e. to confirm that the vaccine has been fully administered. A draft law is submitted to the Parliament in January to convert the health pass document into vaccine pass, to toughen inspection conditions and to impose sanctions against fake passes.

State of emergency overseas: In Martinique, the state of emergency has been extended and declared on Reunion Island until March 31, 2022.