Coronavirus Tunisia: news by governorate governorate

Since its emergence in 2020, the covid-19 epidemic has not finished dictating its law in Tunisian territory. Despite the barrier measures implemented, there are cases of recovery, death and new contamination. This content informs you about the covid-19 situation in different provinces of Tunisia.

Find the status of the coronavirus in the province of Tunisia by governorate
Find the status of the coronavirus in the province of Tunisia by governorate

Find the status of the coronavirus in the province of Tunisia by governorate

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Summary :

Ariana, Beja, Ben Arous

Bizerte, Gabes, Gafsa

Manouba, Medenine, Monastery

Nabeul, Sfax, Sidi Bouzid

Silyana, Susa

Tataouine, Tunisia

Ariana Prefecture

In this region, pandemic situation has not improved that much. We are seeing an increase even in the number of people infected since the beginning of 2022. By 11 January, the number of new cases of transmission was estimated at 1,366. It should be noted that before the end of January, new cases were announced. .

A total of 300 people have been declared for death cases by mid-January. According to the report prepared by the regional health directorate of this province, the death rate is around 4.1 percent. However, measures to implement barrier gestures for populations are not lacking. The governor makes constant announcements and press releases to keep his constituents alert.

Beja Governorate

The governorate of Béja is one of the regions under quarantine. However, the situation has not changed since then.. All health facilities in the area went on alert. The contamination rate of 0.4% has increased dangerously.

It is difficult for medical personnel to deal with all cases of infected people. Nowadays, More than 1500 people affected by this pandemic. Despite the measures taken to provide effective medical assistance, the results on the ground are not encouraging.

Almost all public and private health institutions mobilized to reverse the pandemic in this region. Deaths and new cases continue to be recorded.

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Ben Arous Governorate

At the start of the outbreak, there were few people in the Ben Arous area who contracted covid-19. This number peaked in 2022 this year. The number of new contamination cases continues to rise from 8726 in March 2021.

It should be noted that the report is depressing, although regional officials have not provided an exact figure at this time. Despite the established health system, the cases of recovery are very low compared to the rate of transmission. The ministry authority ordered the closure of more than thirty schools.

Bizerte Governorate

Coronavirus Tunisia: news by governorate governorate
Coronavirus Tunisia: news by governorate governorate

The small Bizerte region could not recover from the damage caused by the covid-19 pandemic. 100,000 inhabitants, Bizerte sees the number of infected people rise significantly. There are about 4,500 people to contract the coronavirus virus since they arrived by this date.

As a result, more than 80% of oxygen beds and intensive care beds are occupied by virus carriers. According to official sources, the statistics are alarming. The death toll rose to 700 and there are an average of about 850 as new cases of contamination.

Gabes Governorate

Unlike previous governorships, Gabes manages to better cope with the covid-19 outbreak. By 2022, there were 22,391 cases of people affected by the virus in the Gabès region. The good news is that almost all of these people are cured and recover from the disease. The number of those who recovered is 22,359.

According to local officials, statistics show that 8 out of 100,000 people are infected with the virus. This indicates a certain control of the authorities regarding the management of the pandemic in this region.

Gafsa Governorate

Coronavirus Tunisia: news by governorate governorate
Coronavirus Tunisia: news by governorate governorate

In Gafsa Governorate, the pandemic seems to do less damage. Local authorities, with the support of international organizations, have managed to contain the progression of the disease. Initially, if the number of cases of contamination increased significantly, exceeding 10,000 people, various provisions made it possible to treat more than half.

For cases of death, 1 person per day was due to coronavirus until November 2021. Previously, this number was increased to 8 or even 10 per day. Pregnant women and newborns are counted in this statistic.

Manuba Governorate

In this Tunisian province, health condition is critical. There are more than 10 deaths due to covid-19 disease every 24 hours. The intensive care given to the patients did not cure the crisis in this region.

According to Manouba officials, statistics reveal more than 750 people who died in the fight against the pandemic. According to the same source, the total number of cases of transmission since the emergence of covid-19 exceeds more than 23,000 people.

Governorate of Medenine

In the region of Medenine, contamination cases continue to climb. It is worth noting that if in November 2021 the number of people was estimated at 33,155, then this figure has increased. Authorities in the region estimate that an average of 40 people are infected every 24 hours.

Monastery Governorate

The news about covid-19 in the monastery area is not encouraging for local governments.. Despite daily efforts, new cases of infection are not missing. From 36,537 cases recorded in August 2021, this figure is now well over 40,000.

The number of people who have recovered is estimated to be around 1,500. This almost insignificant number is due to the lack of places to treat patients in health facilities. Competition from private hospitals hasn’t really improved the statistics.

Nabeul Governorate

Coronavirus Tunisia: news by governorate governorate
Coronavirus Tunisia: news by governorate governorate
Recent news in Nabeul prefecture reveals an increase in school transmission cases. As of January 11, 2022, the district health director announced that about 150 people were infected in schools. Students are most affected. The supervisory level has 120 students and more than twenty.

Apart from the school setting, new cases of contamination are also recorded. More than 200 people have been infected with the virus in recent days. This brings the number of people affected by the virus to over 1,500.

Sfax Governorate

The pandemic continues to disrupt the lives of residents of the Sfax area. It is at the root of the closure of some schools and high schools. In the effect, Since the beginning of the year, new cases of contamination have been recorded in some schools. This has caused education sector officials to suspend classes at schools where cases have been detected.

A large number of covid victims have been identified outside of schools. The balance sheet is therefore heavier for the governorship of Sfax. For now, the exact figures on the total number of contaminations have not been released yet.

Sidi Bouzid Governorate

The health situation in Sidi Bouzid province is not very good. New cases of infection are recorded every day at various screening points and hospitals. More than 1,000 people have died in this region since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

However, medical doctors have not failed to prove themselves to save patients. More than 20,000 of the approximately 25,000 infected people have been declared cured from covid.

Silyana Governorate

In the province of Siliana, 8 coronavirus-related deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours. This increases the number of people who lost their lives in this region, which has already passed the 1000 limit. new cases of infected people are reported every day.

The total number of people affected by this pandemic is about 2500. Some of this group were able to recover and return home. The rest is distributed to various hospitals in the region.

Sousse Governorate

The news is alarming in the Sousse region. The most recent tests on the population have revealed about 600 new cases of contamination. Thus, a total of 52,876 people recovered against 46,811 people in the region.

The death toll is around 1500. Some cases of death related to Kovid are described repeatedly. There are nearly forty patients in the intensive care unit so far.

Tatavin Governorate

in Tataouine, Cases of people affected by the virus are being recorded at different levels. According to local authorities, 50 people have been newly infected. Apart from this figure, 32 cases of transmission are reported in schools.

Tunisia Governorate

Despite the harsh measures of the Governor of Tunisia, contamination cases have not really decreased. According to the figures cited by the authorities, 256 new cases of covid-related infections were detected in the population. This brings the coronavirus virus to 56,316 people.

In summary, It should be noted that covid-19 continues to gain ground in Tunisia. despite the introduction of barrier moves and the sanitary provisions implemented to reclaim it. On that date, more than 918,000 people have been infected, including 26,369 people who have died since the outbreak of the pandemic in the country.

Coronavirus Tunisia: news by governorate governorate
Coronavirus Tunisia: news by governorate governorate

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