Cotentin: foster families of “Children of Chernobyl” worried about friends from Ukraine

In this photo, Jean-François Charbonnier is with Alexeï, here in the halls of Cherbourg town hall.
In this photo, Jean-François Charbonnier is with Alexeï, here in the halls of Cherbourg town hall. (©La Presse de la Manche)

Long before war in ukrainesome families overcome they already opened their doors ukrainian children. it was in the early 1990sterrible after Chernobyl nuclear accidentdated April 26, 1986.

through the association “Children of Chernobyl”Later, several Ukrainian children stayed with families in the Cotentin area for three weeks over the summer.

An intended vacation keep them away from irradiated areas. The change in diet for several weeks allows these children to “destroy the radioactive cesium present in their bodies more quickly and therefore reduce their health risks,” the health crisis thwarted association explains, even continuing its action.

Jean-François wants to find Alexei

Jean-François Charbonnier had adopted Alexeï, who was 11 at the time. “The kids were given a thyroid check to see if everything was alright,” Cherbourgeois recalls.

I remember that Alexeï’s mother was a nurse and her job was to take blood samples to analyze possible contamination.

Jean-Francois Charbonnier

Jean-François Charbonnier did not maintain contact with the child. Today, she wants to find it, to find out if she needs help. At that time, his family had only one address. “I may not be the only one in this situation.”

Severine is waiting for news from Larisa and Maryna

Jean-François Charbonnier was right. related to many former host families now they are trying to bring aid to these “Children of Chernobyl”. Phone calls are pouring in at the association’s headquarters in Alsace. “Many families ask me to find young people who have passed their homes. The association’s secretary, Dominique Gatineau, explains that it is very complex. “.

The situation is different for families in contact. We have the example of people who went to Prague to look for a family.

Dominica GatineauPresident of the Chernobyl Children’s Association

These summers at Cotentin had a profound effect on Séverine Lepresle of Couville. His parents, Céline and Gérard, were foster parents. When he was young, several children spent their holidays in Cotentin. He always hears from some of them.

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We saw two sisters Larisa and Maryna several times today, who live in Kyiv and Boucha. Initially, they did not want to leave their country. But now…

No news for 10 days

Thanks to social networks, Séverine manages to communicate with two women who are in their forties. But there are many language barriers and communication difficulties.

According to the latest reports, they were trying to reach the border and perhaps France. I told them if they needed an address they could give us ours. Since then I have not received a reply, I do not know where they are.

Severine, who was affected by the Ukrainian situation like many others, mobilized to collect donations. She hopes to go even further by hosting two women with their two children and their mother.

But it is not clear. Unless we know where they are… It’s complicated for us to make this journey, but maybe associations can?


First of all, he hopes to quickly reconnect and have Maryna and Larisa in his arms soon.

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