Covid-19: mask, vaccination card… Return restrictions with the resumption of the epidemic?

Mask can be reintroduced in transportation
Masks can be reintroduced in transportation. (©PHOTOPQR/LE PARISIEN/MAXPPP)

We almost forgot about them. Mask in transport, at the supermarket, vaccine pass to scan before going to the restaurant, indicators in concert halls, stadiums… After the dazzling wave Omicron These restrictions, which started in November 2021 and restricted our freedoms for a few months, seem like old history.

But for a few weeks BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants causes the epidemic to start again and increases the threat of health measures to return to our daily lives.

We are counting from Thursday, June 23, More than 52,000 positive cases on average every day, An incidence rate of close to 500 contaminations per 100,000 people and one reproductive rate (average number of people an infected person can infect) 1.3ie figures close to those seen last December.

risk of carrying

Two weeks before the start of the school holidays, the obligation to wear masks in transportation, which has been removed from Monday, May 16, can be brought back.

“The risk of being next to infected people on crowded trains is high, explain Pascal Crépey is an epidemiologist and teacher-researcher at the School for Advanced Studies in Public Health in Rennes.

It would be a good idea for the population to wear masks, especially to protect the most vulnerable and avoid major contamination.

pascal pancakesepidemiologist and teacher-researcher at the School for Advanced Studies in Public Health in Rennes

A point shared among our colleagues by Alain Fisher, Chair of the Government’s Vaccine Strategy Guidance Council. France 2of this measure reasonable “For vulnerable people, and possibly the entire population, because this is a collective measure of protection and we are helping to protect vulnerable people by making a small effort to put on the mask.”

Health emergency ends on 31 July

As for the return of other measures, the closure of discotheques in public places (shops, bars and restaurants, cultural places, etc.), nothing shows up in government boxes for now.

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This is confirmed by the General Directorate of Health,, who ” “It urges the French to respect barrier movements and be vigilant of those most at risk from the virus,” he said.

But by July 31st, end date of health emergencyThe executive still has leeway to introduce new measures by decree if the situation continues to deteriorate.

a planned law

A legislative text is planned for the future. It would be presented on Tuesday, June 21. The Cabinet was postponed, however, due to the legislative elections, and in particular the defeat of three ministers, including Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon.

According to government spokesperson Olivia Grégoire, this text should allow the executive to “remain vigilant in the place of possible escalation of Covid-19” after 31 July. But it promises to exclude the vaccine pass:

We will not present a text that will expand on all existing crisis mechanisms. Vaccination card, state of emergency etc. We’re not over. What is important for us is to ensure that if the situation changes or even degenerates after 31st July, we are in a position to intervene if necessary by implementing braking measures.

Olivia GregoireGovernment Spokesperson

Towards a new wave in the fall?

We will see how the situation develops in the coming weeks. For Pascal Crépey, “the advent of the summer school holidays (school holidays in general) is often stop the epidemic. With schools closing, less busy workplaces and less intensive urban transportation, we result in 30% less contact.”

Therefore, the epidemic is likely to slow down during the summer months. But fear is coming from this autumnsays the epidemiologist. “Comparing to the previous two years, the arrival of the winter season in October triggered a new wave. There’s no reason to think this year will be any different. »

What opens up the possibility of new restrictions?

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