Covid-19: “The epidemic continues to decline”, Gabriel Attal confirmed


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Average approaching 50,000 daily positive cases in France

In the last 24 hours, 57,697 new contaminations have been detected by Public Health France. Last week’s average is approaching 50,000 cases per day, but the pace of decline continues to slow.


More than 100,000 dead in Spain

The Ministry of Health has announced that his health has improved very markedly after the wave caused by the Omicron variant.


165 new deaths in hospital

Public Health France lists 23,840 infected people currently hospitalized, versus 24,437 on Tuesday and 26,881 last Wednesday. Of these, 2,329 are being treated in intensive care versus 2,408 the previous day and 2,753 seven days ago.


Incidence rate below 600 in France

The incidence rate (cases per 100,000 people in a week) in France is less than 600. At peak at the end of January it was around 4,000. Positivity rate close to 20% (35% during the January peak)


Mental health in trouble

With a more than 25% jump in cases of anxiety and depression worldwide, mental health is one of the biggest victims of the Covid pandemic, according to the WHO. Logically, the countries most affected by the pandemic in 2020 saw the largest increases in the prevalence of the disorders. Women are more affected than men, and young people aged 20-24 in particular are more affected than older age groups.


Positive Australian Prime Minister

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that he has tested positive for Covid-19. He has isolated himself at home to continue managing the consequences of the enormous flood that hit the country’s east coast. Suffering from flu-like symptoms


About 6 million dead worldwide

The pandemic has officially killed at least 5,962,297 people out of more than 436 million confirmed contaminations worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to a report by AFP this afternoon.


State of emergency ends in Guyana and Mayotte

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said the government had declared the end of the health emergency in Guyana and Mayotte in recent weeks due to the “improvement of the epidemiological situation”.

  • In Guyana, “after a strong progression of the epidemic in January, the peak was reached and a sharp decline began,” points out the government. The incidence rate dropped to 57 per 100,000 people on March 1, and from 170 to 57 on February 15.
  • Improvement in health status in Mayotte led to the lifting of curfew measures on January 28, 2022, and by February 27, 2022, the seven-day incidence rate had dropped to 10 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.


“half carnival but still carnival” in Guadeloupe

The streets of Basse-Terre were revived during the Shrove on Tuesday, with the “grand parade” at the core of the island’s carnival, canceled in 2021 due to an epidemic and allowed later this year. “This carnival is half a carnival,” sighs Danielle, “’carnivalist since ’82, ‘but it’s still a carnival after all! Because this year everything is different. The island feared another cancellation due to the pandemic, but the event was excessively and conditionally allowed by the governor’s office. “We will need to set up a health bubble: the rebels are invited to test themselves before the groups leave, and the public should wear masks even if the epidemic subsides,” the district governor stated in front of the press. .

AFP/Isham Calvados


Covid continues to decline

At the end of the Health Defense Council held this morning, Gabriel Attal confirmed that “the decline of the epidemic continues” by noon.


Fake health card owner and nurse sentenced in Béziers

According to Midi Libre, the two defendants, the nurse and her colleague, whom Biterrois allowed to obtain false permits, received six-month suspended sentences in Béziers court on Tuesday. Both expressed their regrets. “I realize it’s illegal, but I just wanted to please my colleague. I thought you’d love me more if I accepted your request. That’s why I didn’t think too long and said yes,” said the nurse specifically.


Pre-pandemic unemployment rate in Germany

The unemployment rate in Germany continued to fall in February, returning to the pre-epidemic percent level, according to official figures released on Wednesday.


Novavax is available at vaccination centers

The Novavax vaccine, now available in France, is initially offered at vaccination centres. Doctors and pharmacists will be able to order directly from March 14, a document from the General Directorate of Health sent to healthcare workers this Wednesday is a must.

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School challenges after covid


calm in hospitals

The decline continues in the hospital and especially in the intensive care services, where the number of patients decreased by 15% compared to the previous week.


After two years of pandemic, the future remains uncertain

Two years after the official start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many uncertainties remain. Global health expert, American researcher Christopher Murray said in January in The Lancet magazine, “Covid-19 will continue, but the end of the pandemic is near.” These words sum up the mood of health authorities in multiple countries at the start of 2022. In Europe, countries like Denmark and the United Kingdom have lifted most of their restrictions. As American President Joe Biden summed up on Tuesday, the idea is now to “live” with the coronavirus.


News from the Queen of England

Queen Elizabeth II, who will celebrate her 96th birthday in April. After Elizabeth canceled their engagement last week because she contracted Covid-19, she held two hearings via videoconference and is doing “much better” according to her son Charles.


US warns of risk of family separation in Hong Kong

The United States is advising its citizens this Wednesday to stay away from Hong Kong due to drastic measures being implemented in the city to fight Covid-19, where young children can be forcibly separated from their parents. “In some cases, children who tested positive in Hong Kong were separated from their parents and held in solitary confinement until they met local hospital criteria,” the State Department said in a statement.


panic in Hong Kong

Drowning hospitals, empty supermarkets, brutal quarantine camps… Chaos has gripped Hong Kong, which is facing the strongest wave of coronavirus with tens of thousands of cases each day and preparing to screen all its 7.4 million residents and isolate every single infected one. person. Many Hong Kongers criticize the government for failing to predict the current crisis despite a two-year hiatus thanks to its “zero Covid” strategy, which is painful for the economy but crowned with success in terms of health.


“Covid-19 should no longer rule our lives”

This statement from the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, summarizes the new attitude of part of the world towards the coronavirus. Relative immunity, contaminations, and hospitalizations are on the decline… “Covid-19 should no longer rule our lives,” he assumed when wearing masks became optional in most states. “We will continue to fight this virus as we do for other diseases,” advises Joe Biden, adding that “we must be cautious” of the virus’s mutations and spreads.


A Health Defense Council this morning

Emmanuel Macron is convening a health defense council this Wednesday, on a morning mostly devoted to the war in Ukraine.


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