Covid France measures: March 14, what’s changing?

Many new measures related to the Covid epidemic will come into effect on March 14. For example, the end of the mask. But coronavirus cases are no longer falling as fast as they used to. New rules will come.

[Mis à jour le 9 mars 2022 à 15h01] As announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex on TF1 on 3 March “A new phase in relaxing health measures” It will begin on Monday, March 14. End of vaccination card, mask, company protocol… What are the new measures?

What are the new measures on March 14?

Prime Minister Jean Castex, guest of the news from TF1 at 13:00 on Wednesday, March 3, The expiration of the vaccination card on March 14, 2022 and the wearing of the mask indoors. Masks will no longer be required in schools. “class included” The Prime Minister approved. On the other hand, it will continue to be mandatory in public transportation (train, plane) and health institutions. The health card will remain in effect at the entrances of hospitals, nursing homes or workplaces for disabled adults, except in emergencies.

What are the Covid isolation measures?

Currently, isolation measures relate to positive covid cases and unvaccinated contact cases:

if you are covid positive : Isolation is 10 days if you are unvaccinated, 7 days if you are vaccinated. Isolation can take 10 to 7 days or 7 to 5 days if a negative covid test is done.

if you are in contact : no isolation if vaccinated; 7 days of isolation if you are not vaccinated.

What measures will be taken in the business world on March 14?

From March 14, the corporate covid protocol will no longer exist. No more masks, no mandatory distance and no gathering restrictions in business life. On the other hand, it will continue to be recommended to take preventive actions such as hand washing.

What measures for vaccine migration?

The vaccination card will be suspended wherever it applies from 14 March. The health card will remain in effect at the entrance to health institutions, nursing homes, nursing homes and workplaces for disabled adults.

What are the dimensions of the mask?

On March 14, 2022, wearing masks will be completely removed, The Prime Minister announced Jean Castex on the 13:00 news broadcast of TF1. Everywhere, in companies, administrations, shops and stores and schools “class included”. sweetcorn not in transport, nursing homes, healthcare facilities and hospitals. Inside Wearing masks outside is no longer mandatory. Since February 2nd. Since that time February 28, most It is no longer mandatory to wear masks in closed areas (restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums, performance halls, concert halls, sports events, etc.) subject to vaccination.

What are the latest Covid precautions for travel?

Travel rules have been relaxed since February 12. Proof of a full vaccination schedule is sufficient to arrive in France, regardless of country of origin. The requirement for unvaccinated travelers to present a negative test to travel to France remains.but when they come from countries on the “green” list, characterized by a moderate circulation of the virus, measures (testing, isolation) are lifted on arrival.

What are the final measures for remote working?

Since February 2, 2022, teleworking is no longer mandatory, it is recommended. “The use of telework is recommended: employers set the terms and conditions of use of telework within the framework of local social dialogue.“Can we read in the workplace health protocol updated on January 25, 2022. The protocol will be deleted on March 14 to see if new decisions have been made regarding teleworking in French companies.

What are the Covid precautions at school?

Wearing masks outside at school is no longer mandatory. That’s why there are no more masks on playgrounds. Inside, in classrooms, the mask can be removed on March 14. Moreover, baccalaureate specialization examsIt was postponed to 11, 12 and 13 May due to the Covid-19 outbreak, which was planned to be held on 14-16 March.