Covid France measures: today, isolation, March 21


NEW MEASURES. Faced with the decline in the Kovid epidemic in France (even though the virus is still circulating), various discounts such as the end of the vaccine card and mask came into effect in mid-March. From 21 March, the new measures will relate to the isolation of contact cases.

[Mis à jour le 17 mars 2022 à 12h12] As announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex on TF1 on 3 March “A new phase in relaxing health measures” It started in France from March 14 (end of vaccination card, mask at work, school…). related to new measures It was announced by DGS in a press release dated March 15. insulation from case contacts. from March 21, unvaccinated people will no longer need to self-isolate. Vaccination status will no longer be taken into account when conducting quarantine and screening tests. The eras are present and future.

What are the Covid measures today?

Anti-Covid measures have been eased in France since 14 March 2022. Government

Wearing mask vaccination card sanitary pass school
  • It’s okay to wear a mask more mandatory in public institutions (company, school, etc.),exceptional above all Transportation inside and inside health places or care (especially hospitals, pharmaciesalso doctorsmistake laboratories medical biology) remains essential for caregivers, patients, and visitors.
  • It remains to wear a mask recommended for all people at risk to develop a severe form of the disease, especially in crowded places, case contacts and symptomatic cases.

Since 14 March, the vaccination card has been suspended in all places where it is required (entertainment and cultural attractions, commercial catering, fairs and trade fairs, etc.) until further notice.

The health card is still in force in health institutions and care places (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc.).

  • Level 1 protocol in effect.
  • The end of wearing masks in the classroom in schools, colleges and high schools
  • The Baccalaureate specialization exams, which were planned to be held on March 14-16, were postponed to May 11, 12 and 13.

What are the Covid measures in Paris?

The measures in Paris are the same as those in force in the rest of the country. most Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory outside and inside. As stated by the city of Paris, all measures have ended, except for the mandatory wearing of masks in public transportation (train, bus, metro, etc.) and health institutions. The vaccination card is suspended. Only the health card is valid for access to health institutions and nursing homes.

What are the precautions regarding the Covid vaccine?

Scientists insist that vaccination against Covid should continue even if vaccine transition is no longer in effect. In France so far:

  • this fourth dose vaccine available to immunocompromised persons and those over 80 who have taken their booster dose for more than three months (not mandatory but recommended).
  • most delay of booster dose is reduced to three months after the last injection or the last Covid-19 infection.
  • most Booster vaccination is given to all persons aged 18 and over. and from 24 January it is open free of charge to all young people aged 12-17.
  • this The vaccine is open to all children aged 5-11 years. and requires the consent of one or other of the custody holders.

What are the Covid isolation measures?

from 21 MarchIn the opinion of the High Council of Public Health (HCSP) of 11 February 20222, persons with contact incidentsno longer quarantine orinsulation“, announced by the General Directorate of Health. However, in contact with other people, they should strictly apply barrier measures, especially wearing masks, indoors and outdoors, limit their contact with especially vulnerable people, and avoid all kinds of contact with people. at risk of serious illness and working remotely whenever possible.

if you are covid positive : Isolation is 10 days if you are unvaccinated, 7 days if you are vaccinated. Isolation can take 10 to 7 days or 7 to 5 days if a negative covid test is done.

if you are in contact : no isolation whether you are vaccinated or not, from 21 March (7 days isolation for unvaccinated until this date).

Rules to be followed in cases of covid contact, March 21, for No vaccine was given. As stated by DGS, these individuals no more isolation contact cases (as for vaccinated persons). However, he should always take strictly barrier measures and wear masks indoors and outdoors, especially when in contact with other people; limiting their contact with particularly vulnerable people; avoid contact with people at risk of severe forms; telecommunications as possible. At-risk contacts Perform a test (TAG, RT-PCR or self-test) on D+2 of the contact status statement. From March 21, any positive antigen test result or self-test, a Confirmation by RT-PCR test. Waiting for the confirmation result, the person is accepted as a positive case and begins the isolation period. A positive result of an antigen test serves as proof of reimbursement by Health Insurance of RT-PCR test approval.

What are the measures to be taken in the business world on March 14?

Since March 14, the corporate covid protocol is no longer available. No more masks, no mandatory distance and no gathering restrictions in business life. On the other hand, it will continue to be recommended to take preventive actions such as hand washing.

What measures for the health transition?

Vaccination card suspended since 14 March wherever needed (entertainment and cultural venues, commercial catering activities, fairs and trade fairs, etc.). on the other hand sanitary pass just stay Compulsory, except in emergencies. to access hospitals, nursing homes, mistake Organizations that host adults with disabilities To protect those most at risk from COVID-19. Visits to workplaces subject to a health card are allowed.

What are the precautions for wearing a mask?

Removed wearing masks outside and inside public, excluding all transportation indoors and in health or care settings (especially hospitals, pharmacies), among doctors and even medical biology labs) are still essential for caregivers, patients, and visitors. It’s okay to wear a mask, too. recommended for all people at risk developing a severe form of the disease, especially in crowded places.

What are the new Covid measures for travel?

Travel rules have been relaxed since February 12. Proof of a full vaccination schedule is sufficient to arrive in France, regardless of country of origin. The requirement for unvaccinated travelers to present a negative test to travel to France remains.but when they come from countries on the “green” list, characterized by moderate circulation of the virus, measures (testing, isolation) are lifted on arrival.

What are the new measures for remote working?

Since February 2, 2022, teleworking is no longer mandatory, it is recommended. “The use of telework is recommended: employers set the terms and conditions of use of telework within the framework of local social dialogue.“Can we read in the workplace health protocol updated on January 25, 2022. The company protocol has been deleted as of March 14, but there has been no new instruction regarding teleworking rules. It is up to each employer to decide.

What are the Covid precautions at school?

From 14 March 2022 health protocol level 1 / moved to green Indicates the Ministry of National Education for all schools and educational institutions in the national territory. This transition to level 1 specifically includes:

  • the end of the obligation to limit mixing between student groups;
  • the end of restrictions on the implementation of physical and sports activities;
  • Precautions regarding hand washing, ventilation and surface disinfection are maintained.