Current sports books


An opportunity to highlight some of the “sports” books of the moment, either recently released or whose legacy continues to revive the sports and literary histories of the moment…

NBA Road Tripby Rémi Reverchon

The advantage of a journalist like Rémi Reverchon writing a book is that we are convinced and convinced that he is indeed the author of such a work. A long-time NBA expert whose popularity boom in France hasn’t exploded since the era of Michael Jordan, BeIn Sports reporter offers a trip to each of the franchises and cities in particular that have an NBA team.

If the advancement of sports in the full media in France has always had the tedious trend of publishing book after book every week, sometimes without a huge profit-sharing, Reverchon’s undoubtedly stands out.

Between culture, travel and sports, of course, this book, out at the end of 2021, is a unanimous success from critics. According to them, it targets novices in general, as well as NBA and basketball fans.

mind in pokerby Barry Carter

For several years now, the mental aspect has become dominant in the world of sports such as basketball and entertainment. This is the case, for example, in poker, where experienced players and beginners are no longer embarrassed to seek help, whether by mental trainers or relying on different information from books.

Barry Carter’s book “mental poker”, which was published a few years ago and is also a reference in this game, helps those who want to step into the psychological side of this sport. Going back to the origins of this entertainment’s beginnings and embracing a strong reflection on how to act as you play, this book remains a reference in 2022.

10 Faubourg Montmartreby the Alumni Association Set

Is there a greater sports magazine or newspaper in the French-speaking world of sports than “L’Équipe”? Probably not. L’Équipe alumni return to the historic center building. Auto Diaryit happened later Set.

The program has it all, from raw articles, fantastic anecdotes on the history of sports, especially summaries of parties held at the center to celebrate the titles of some journalists close to athletes. There the life of the newspaper is told, never without idealizing it, and the former tenants recall with pen memories of a story that continues to the present day.

turbulence, by Ben Thouard

With the world of surfing, sports and photography enthusiasts will find an activity that combines their two passions perfectly, possibly better than any other sport. Inside turbulenceartist photographer Ben Thouard further satisfies the ocean artist legend.

His biggest photos are highlighted in the widely dubbed “beautiful book”, rendered from multiple perspectives of the legendary Teahupoo wave in Tahiti, where surfers of the future Olympic Games of 2024 will have the privilege of competing for earnings. top title.

Golf, extraordinary courses around the worldby Iain T. Spragg

This book should be under the Christmas tree of many enthusiasts, its release took place in early December. Iain T. Spragg, star journalist for the Daily Telegraph’s sports section and expert in fine art, across the Daily Mirror and Channel, has caught the attention of lovers of beautiful scenery and, of course, golf.

Enough to give big wishes to those who love the wild bully…