Damn new revelations about the comedian’s ‘double face’

« The Two Faces of Ary Abittan “. That’s the title of the survey released this week. Paris Match It’s about the fallen comedian and comedian accused of violent rape by his 23-year-old mistress. The latter filed a complaint at the end of 2021, accusing Ary Abittan of imposing on him. a degrading, non-consensual sexual practice”. Now, according to the weekly, just “ only responded to his partner’s desires and fantasies A young woman met for the first time in September 2021 at an evening organized by an art gallery in partnership with a major fashion brand, where she would continue the evening in a nightclub, followed by a one-on-one theater neuilléen.

While meeting with the young woman, Ary Abittan nevertheless sees her again several times as a couple. defined as the last modest, introverted, and even cautious “he used to tell his friends about the comedian’s sexual practices by an old comrade” intense sexuality ” and one “ authoritarian behavior, sometimes abrupt”. “She kindly complains to her friends about Abittan’s eagerness to impose sodomy on her”writing Paris Match on this practice that the young woman does not like – what is it ” I swear I said it over and over to the comedian. Returning to the night when everything will change, it evokes two sexual intercourses per week, the first ” beautiful “second “ traumatizing”. The young woman would thus tell the investigators “ unwanted anal penetration, sudden vaginal intercourse, slapping, choking, screaming (…) sharp, terrible pain because he repeatedly asked her to stop. The young woman, pushed by her friends, filed a complaint. Examined by a doctor, presented, reports Paris Matchseveral hematomas on the thigh, sharp vaginal and anal wounds” and one ” coccyx trauma “.

He was defended weekly by his friends who underlined him. “the sun and the sarcastic personality “And many requests from Ary Abittan women who, according to our colleagues, will multiply the conquests, would tell investigators” that he is an honest man, careful and careful in his intimate dealings “Highlights qualities to be endorsed by various friends” attention and kindness” but its lack romance and valor A different portrait from that of his mistresses and some women who identify him as a man. aggressive behavior and split personality », an artist in need “grace and love”, “a cowardly hypochondriac ” who “ seek happiness at any cost “-“ her “, underlines one of his mistresses.

It’s not just his ex-mistresses who describe behavior deemed inappropriate. Beginning actresses quoted by our colleagues talk about it anonymously. “Shameless stares, inappropriate, offensive gestures, inappropriate comments “, when turned down, claims to have done” be rude and twisted “In privacy, this dark side would be very present as well.” He speaks little, he imposes”says one woman, another says it “ rude “take the his presence by consent “. The latter claims to feel “like cattle, a little dirty, a little stupid “when you push him and he” left to fold your laundry after throwing “glare “.

Clara Kolodny