Deadly danger for men aged 60-64!

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hot night heart disease
A Canadian study linked an increase in deaths from heart disease in men aged 60-64 and an average temperature rise of +1°C on summer nights.

Previous studies already proven link between periods of high heat even heat waves andincrease in the number of deaths and hospitalizations heart problems.

But in this new work Led by John S. Floras, the team led by scientists from the University of Toronto (Canada), warmer summer nights seemed to cause more deaths than usual cardiovascular disease in men in his early 60’s…but not for women!

Canadian researchers checked all possible connections between them summer temperatures at night and increase number of deaths with heart disease in men and women 60 to 69 years old.

To do this they have analyzed the data from the Office of National Statistics adult deaths – deaths from cardiovascular diseases – occurring during June and July every year Between 2001 and 2015 in England and Wales.

They also evaluated – with the same criteria. US official data King County, Washington (USA), this region similarfacing the sea and Latitude parallel to England and Wales.

Between 2001-2015, 39,912 deaths Recorded for heart disease in England and Wales 68.9% are men! against 488 male deaths In US county, based on search results.

In the English countries studied, then taking certain variables into accountraising +1°C summer night temperature was associated with an ordinary 3.1% increase risk of death associated with heart problems in men 60 to 64 years oldbut not in groups of older men or women.

When you’re in King’s County, when you do 1°C warmer than average on summer nights, increased risk of death by cardiovascular disease People aged 65 and under who was it from 4.8%! And still not in older men.

This 15 years of data analyzed show that rates of heart disease are dropped significantly In these parallel regions of the world, especially during the summer season.

On the other hand, researchers significant and persistent residual risk in England and Wales. In these regions, event rate Among adults 65-69 years old 50% higher More than 60/64 year olds.

From disturbing results when we know that in recent years, populated areas – as studied – experienced increase in heat intensity Write at night instead of during the day.

a related observational studyscientists cannot prove causal link. But the researchers hope their work will serve their purpose. health prevention.

“Considering increased probability of extreme summers In the western United States and the United Kingdom, our results are inviting preventive initiatives In terms of population health and new urban policies aimed at reducing risk of future cardiovascular events“, completed the team.