Detection of a “very exciting” anomaly

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Thanks to the IceCube experiment, the researchers were able to detect neutrinos from a tidal disruption event—a star being swallowed by a black hole. © Futura

neutrino a elementary particle there are three “flavors”say physicists. No dear ? Not quite sure, some say. ‘Cause there can only be a fourth “flavor” consists of neutrinos. It’s what researchers call a sterile neutrino. An almost elusive neutrino. His brothers used to cross the street To be important before physicists realize it. But that would be even more ghostly. only sensitive gravitational force. Thus, unlike its brethren, the sterile neutrino itself mass not zero. It can even form a non-negligible part of the celebrity. dark matter which continues to elude researchers.

A few decades ago, a series of anomalous observations — particles that seem to have volatilized — motivated the implementation of several experimental projects aimed at cleaning up the sterile neutrino. Today, some researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory (United States) confirms this. The results of their experiments deviate from the theoretical predictions of the world. Standard Model particle physics.

What did they actually observe? It all happened somewhere below 1,500 meters. caucasian mountains (Russia). Protected against cosmic radiation. In double tank gallium Fluid (Best) from Baksan’s experiment on sterile passages, approx. 26 discs chromium 51. All bombarded by an electron neutrino source. To convert some of the gallium germanium 71. But that’s 20 to 24% less germanium than models predict. Since these numbers are approximate to those measured in the past and every precaution has been taken to avoid experimental errors – for example in the operations of the counting system – the explanation must be found elsewhere. And maybe in the sterile neutrino.

sterile neutrino or something

What you need to know to understand better is that neutrinos can change in some way. “flavor” along the way, according to the phenomenon quantum mechanics what physicists call oscillation. Thus, the measured gap can be evidence that oscillations occur between electron neutrinos and electron neutrinos. sterile neutrinos. “Our results are very exciting”In the comments, analyst Steve Elliott said that a Contact from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

“This confirmsanomaly We’ve seen in previous experiments But it’s not clear what that means.The researcher continues. Because there may be other explanations for this germanium 71 production gap. Among the most likely, there may be an error in the estimation of the electron neutrino cross section. In other words, the theory could have overestimated the probability of an interaction occurring between the electron neutrino and gallium. “It would be equally interesting if our results led to the conclusion that the Standard Model and particle physics are poorly understood”Steve Elliott emphasizes.

Physicists are already considering new experiments to get to the bottom of it and hope to finally understand where this discrepancy between observations and theory really comes from. On slightly different grounds. To someone energy eg higher.

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