DIRECTLY. War in Ukraine: 100,000 homes offered by Airbnb to Ukrainian refugees


The Russian offensive in Ukraine, launched overnight by Vladimir Putin from Wednesday to Thursday, is entering its fifth day on Monday, February 28. Russia is raising its voice against the West. Follow the events live with us.

12:25 am: At least 102 civilians killed in Ukraine, box office likely heavier

At least 102 civilians were killed and 304 were injured in clashes in Ukraine sparked by the Russian invasion last Thursday, the UN Human Rights Commissioner said on Monday, although the actual death toll is feared to be “significantly higher”. .

“Many of these civilians were killed by heavy artillery bombardments and explosive weapons with a wide range of effects, including multiple rocket launcher systems and air strikes,” Michelle Bachelet told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

“I’m afraid the real numbers are much higher,” he added. Michelle Bachelet said that about 422,000 Ukrainians have fled their country, including many internally displaced people.

12:10 pm: 100,000 homes donated by Airbnb to Ukrainian refugees

Brian Chesky, co-founder of online booking platform Airbnb, announced that his company has given 100,000 housing loans to refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

“We need help to achieve this goal. Our greatest need is more people who can offer their homes in neighboring countries (Ukraine, editor’s note), especially Poland, Germany, Hungary and Romania. If you can host a refugee, go here: http://,” the leader tweeted.

11:40 am: Russia banned from the world of sports

The war that Russia started in Ukraine continues to seriously affect the world and especially sports activities. Refusal to confront Russia, displaced competitions, deleted sponsors… The Russian occupation has already begun to have serious consequences for professional sport. Today we also learn that former Montpellier resident Rémy Cabella is waiting for the “green light” to return to his Russian club FC Krasnodar.

Midi Libre sports editors are reporting live announcements from the sports world on Monday, February 28th.

11:20 am: Defense attorney at Elysée

A Defense Council is currently held at the Elysée under the chairmanship of Emmanuel Macron. It was the fifth since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. by BFMTV To assess the impact of the measures taken last Saturday.

10:45 am: Emmanuel Macron will call France’s allies

Élysée reported this Monday morning that Emmanuel Macron will attend a video conference in the afternoon with American, Canadian, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish and Romanian heads of state, as well as representatives of European and NATO countries.

The goal is to “maintain close coordination between allies and European partners” in the Ukraine dossier.

10:30 am: More than 100 civilians killed in Ukraine

At least 100 civilians have been killed since Russia invaded Ukraine, the UN said. Since the start of the attack, 102 civilians have died, including 7 children and 304 with minor injuries.

“Many of these civilians were killed by heavy artillery fire, multiple rocket launchers and large-area explosive weapons, including airstrikes. I’m afraid the real numbers are much higher,” said Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

10:20 am: Volodymyr Zelensky calls for ‘immediate’ EU membership

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that he wanted his country’s immediate membership from the European Union under a special procedure. “Our goal is to be with all Europeans and more importantly to be equal with them. I’m sure it’s fair. I’m sure we deserve it,” he said in a video posted on social networks.

10:00: Russian army 30 kilometers from Kiev

According to the latest information from the British Ministry of Defense, the Russian army is located 30 kilometers north of Kiev.

“The bulk of Putin’s ground forces, 30 km north of KievTheir advance was slowed by the Ukrainian forces defending the Hostomel airport. (…) fierce fighting It continues around Chernihiv and Kharkiv, but both cities are under Ukrainian control. this logistics malfunctions givefierce resistance of the Ukrainians It continues to impede the Russian advance. “Despite continued attempts to hide the details of the conflict from the Russian population, the Russian armed forces had to admit for the first time that they had suffered losses,” he said.

09:45: Ukrainian delegation arrived in Belarus

The Ukrainian presidency announced this Monday morning that its delegation has arrived in Belarus for negotiations. “The main topic of the negotiations is an urgent ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops from Ukraine,” the presidency said on its social networks.

9:40 am: Russia wants to make a deal with Ukraine

“Every hour the conflict continues, Ukrainian citizens and soldiers die. We agreed to reach an agreement, but it should be in the interests of both parties,” Putin’s adviser Vladimir Medinsky told Russian television.

9:30 am: Cyberattacks “intensified” in France

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said on Monday that France has “means to repel cyberattacks”, particularly to “protect the democratic life of the nation”. Cyberattacks against France have been “intensified” in recent days, on the backdrop of strengthening international sanctions against Russia following the start of its offensive against Ukraine, but “we can say for now it is a weak intensity” and has been postponed, Gérald Darmanin on France 2 explained.

We have the tools to repel these cyberattacks

“We have the means to repel these cyber-attacks,” said Erdogan, adding that “with extremely important resources”, the legislative elections of strategic structures (hospitals, provinces, etc.) will be held at the level of the Ministry of Interior.

“We must make sure that our computer systems that organize these elections are not corrupted” and the European Commission (EC) “from today (Monday, editor’s note)” will trigger more tools for many Member States holding elections to this end. Including France, for example Hungary and Malta in the coming weeks. The Minister of Internal Affairs underlined that tools were also introduced to combat foreign interference in the Internet.

08:10: Russia reduces its attack in Ukraine

“The Russian invaders reduced the pace of the offensive, but they are still trying to develop successes on some fronts of the counter-offensive against Ukraine. During the air strike operation, the enemy continued to fire at military and civil airfields, military command (force). Points in the defense areas, air defense facilities, important critical infrastructures, facilities and units In violation of international humanitarian law, the occupiers launched a sneaky missile attack on residential buildings in the cities of Zhytomyr and Chernihiv.The Armed Forces of Ukraine said on Monday.

07:30: Belarus ready for negotiations between Ukraine and Russia

The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Twitter that it is ready to take up the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. “Everything is ready to host the Russia-Ukraine talks in Belarus. We are waiting for the delegations to arrive,” the ministry said.

u26a1ufe0fud83cuddf7ud83cuddfaud83cudde7ud83cuddfeud83cuddfaud83cudde6 Everything is ready to host Russia-Ukraine negotiations in Belarus. Waiting for the delegations to arrive

— Belarus MFA ud83cudde7ud83cuddfe (@BelarusMFA) February 28, 2022

06:30: Monday morning update

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin gave orders to his military command on Sunday. Put Russian nuclear deterrent on high alert In the war, there are aggressive statements by NATO member states in response to what they say, and economic sanctions against Moscow. The United States and NATO condemned this decision.
  • Explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev and in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Monday morning, Ukrainian officials said, while a residential building in the northern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv caught fire after a missile hit.
  • From Russia-Ukraine talks It will be held on the border between Ukraine and Belarus, the Ukrainian presidency said on Sunday.
  • EU and Canada to close their airspace to Russian planes, including private jets owned by the oligarchs.
  • As oil splashed, the ruble tumbled nearly 30% after new sanctions were imposed, including the expulsion of some banks from the SWIFT international payment system.
  • BP has announced that it will give up its stake in Russian oil giant Rosneft, the most important decision made by a Western company in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  • The European Union will strengthen its sanctions The President of the European Commission said on Sunday that he is financing the purchase of weapons to support Ukraine against Russia and its ally, Belarus, and in the face of Russia’s invasion of its territory.
  • According to Russian news agencies, a referendum in Belarus on Sunday approved a new constitution that removes the obligation to remain as the country’s “nuclear free zone”.
  • At least 352 civilians, including 14 children, were killed and 1,684 injured According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, since the beginning of the Russian occupation.
  • Thousands of Ukrainians continue to seek refuge in neighboring countries. The number of those who fought abroad in Ukraine is approaching 400,000.
  • Ukraine took the issue to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) due to Russia’s military attack on its territory.

06:15: The United States will give a “united” response to Russia

US President Joe Biden will meet by phone with US allies and partners at 4:15 GMT (5:15 PM Paris time) to discuss the latest developments regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine and coordinate a joint response at the White House. announced.

06:00: Explosions in Kyiv and Kharkov

Explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv and the northeastern city of Kharkiv on Monday morning, Ukraine’s state private communications and information protection service said. In a brief statement on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, the Ukrainian state service said that before that, calm reigned in Kiev for several hours.

In a separate statement, the agency said a residential building in the northern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv burned down after being hit by a missile. The Ukrainian Land Forces Command said on Facebook that Zhytomyr, another city in northern Ukraine, was hit by missiles one night.