DIRECTLY. War in Ukraine: EU seeks solution to unblock new sanctions


unhealthy Mariupol

Mariupol City Council Deputy Oleksandr Lashin said the currently occupied city had neither water nor electricity and was “unhealthy”.


EU considers a solution to unlock new sanctions

Representatives of Twenty-Seven, this Sunday, are examining a solution to unblock the EU’s 6th package of sanctions against Russia, according to information we have received from European sources.

These new sanctions are thwarted by Hungary, a landlocked country with no access to the sea, dependent on oil from Russia. The latter provides him with 65% of his consumption.


Zelensky visited Kharkiv in the east of the country

Zelensky’s chief of staff, Andriy Yermak, noted that the Ukrainian president visited destroyed residential buildings and that future buildings should be built with bomb shelters.


Poland will send balls to Ukraine

Polish state media reported that Poland had agreed to send artillery to Ukraine. Poland’s plan to hand over 28 familiar MiG-29 jets to Ukrainian pilots via the US in March fell through over the objections of the White House. Last month Britain was planning to send Challenger 2 tanks to Poland so that Warsaw could send more T-72 tanks, the Russian model used by its armed forces, to Ukraine.


Zelensky left Kiev to meet soldiers at the front for the first time since the invasion

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the troops in Kharkov. He was officially outside of Kyiv for the first time since the Russian invasion in February. He added that he handed out congratulations and gifts to the soldiers, saying, “You are risking your life for all of us and for our country.”


New Serbia-Russia agreement for low-cost gas supply

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced on Sunday that Serbia has signed a three-year extension to its low-cost Russian gas supply agreement with Moscow.

After a phone call with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, Mr. Vucic said it was “by far the best deal in Europe”. With this new agreement, Serbia’s almost complete dependence on Russia is reaffirmed, especially since Moscow has a majority stake in the Serbian national oil and gas company.


Mykolaiv: Russian bombings cause loss of life in a residential area

Mykolaiv Mayor Oleksandr Senkevych announced on Telegram that Russian forces bombed a residential area of ​​the city on Sunday. The number of victims is currently unknown.


Mariupol: Russian forces stole large quantities of metal

According to Petro Andriushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, the Russians allegedly stole metal from the occupied city of Mariupol and loaded Russian ships into the port of Mariupol for the second day in a row.


Is a Putin-Erdogan meeting scheduled for Monday?

According to the Russian news agency TASS, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, plan to hold a phone call on Monday. Secondly, he said in the last hours that Turkey “hopes that the conflict in Ukraine will end peacefully as soon as possible between Moscow and Kyiv”.


According to Moscow, 300 Ukrainian soldiers died in 24 hours

Russia, through its Ministry of Defense, claims to have killed 300 Ukrainian soldiers in the last 24 hours. The ministry also said a number of other Ukrainian military targets were hit during the attack, including a Russian defense system that shot down a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet at Dnipro.


Russian war crimes a ‘invention’ for Russia’s ambassador to the UK

In an interview with the BBC’s “Sunday Morning” program on Sunday, Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin said the war crimes allegations in the Ukrainian town of Bucha were a “fake”. He also denied that Russian forces bombed civilians.


Lithuanians raise 5m euros to deliver a fighter jet to Ukraine

Lithuanians have raised more than 5m euros in a public quest to purchase a military drone for Ukraine to support this country defending itself against Russian invasion. The money needed to buy a Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone was raised in three and a half days in a fundraiser that ended Saturday evening in this Baltic country of 2.8 million people.


Wheat, Vladimir Putin’s other weapon

The Kremlin lord uses the impending global food crisis as leverage, while Russia and Ukraine account for 30% of global wheat exports. Today, it is difficult to extract grain from the borders of Ukraine. Exports are limited to 1 million tons of grain per month, six times less than normal times. You can find all our explanations in our article.

Reuters/Eduard Kornienko


Russian Patriarch Kirill says he “understands” the division in the Orthodox Church

Russian Patriarch Kirill claims to have “understood” the decision of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which announced this week it would break away from Russia due to the Russian attack on its Ukrainian neighbor. “We fully understand the current sufferings of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, we understand that His Majesty Metropolitan Onuphrius (head of this churchPatriarch Kirill proclaimed Patriarch Kirill during the liturgy in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

AFP/Alexander Nemenov


Hospital beds reserved for Russian soldiers in Crimea?

According to the Kyiv Independent, civilians have been denied access to hospitals in Crimea to make room for Russian soldiers. Ukrainian President Zelensky has rejected the idea of ​​using force to reclaim all the territory Ukraine has lost to Russia since 2014, including the Crimean Peninsula annexed by Moscow that year.

12:15 PM

What if the war in Ukraine is “genocide”?

For the first time, international lawyers and human rights experts accuse the Russian state of violating various articles of the United Nations Genocide Convention. To reach this conclusion, the authors first point to Russia’s desire to “deny the existence of the Ukrainian nation and identity.” All explanations can be found in our article.

LP/Philippe de Poulpiquet


Lyman: Moscow salutes the “courage and heroism” of the Russian army

The Commander of the Armed Forces of the Central Military District of Russia, General Alexandre Lapin, saluted the “courage and heroism” of the Russian soldiers who participated in the capture of Lyman this Sunday, stated in a press release from the Russian Ministry of Defense.


Ukraine’s “significant arsenal” destroyed by Russian forces

In a press release released this Sunday morning, the Russian Ministry of Defense assures that the Russian army has destroyed “a significant arsenal of the Ukrainian armed forces with long-range high-precision missiles” in the southeastern Dnipropetrovsk region. country. According to the same press release, these missiles also targeted a Ukrainian air defense system near Mykolayevka in the Donetsk region, a radar station in the Kharkiv region, and five ammunition depots, including near Severodonetsk.


The situation in Lysytchansk “deteriorated greatly”

The governor of the Lugansk region, Serguiï Gaïdaï, told Telegram this Sunday that the situation in Lysytchansk has “deteriorated greatly”. “A Russian bullet fell on an apartment building, a girl died at the scene and four people were hospitalized,” he said. The day before had been “hard” in the city, according to Mr. Gaïdaï, who evokes a demolished cinema and 22 damaged buildings.

11:20 am

Has Russia been weakened by international sanctions?

The UK’s Ministry of Defense said on Sunday that Moscow’s willingness to end its blockade of Ukrainian ports if international sanctions against Russia are reduced “underscores the emphasis the sanctions place on the (Russian) regime”.


Russians hit Sumy Oblast near the Russian border

The Ukrainian armed forces announced this Sunday that Russians opened fire in the direction of Boyaro-Lezhachi village in Sumy oblast, close to the Russian border, but did not cause any loss of life or property, with 20 explosions reported.


3D engineering at the service of Ukrainian heritage

For more than three months, Ukraine has seen its cities devastated by one Russian bombardment after another, while Ukrainian cultural services are trying to preserve their memories with cutting-edge technology and 3D scans. Thus, French engineer Emmanuel Durand, an expert in 3D data collection, brings his expertise specifically to the area in Kharkiv, where some 500 buildings are listed as of historical importance.


6 killed in the bombardment of Severodonetsk

“There are six dead tonight,” the Severodonetsk district head said on BFMTV this Sunday morning.


30,150 Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict

The Ukrainian General Staff announced on Sunday that Russia has lost 30,150 soldiers in Ukraine since February 24 and the beginning of the conflict, and Russia also lost 1,338 tanks, 3,270 armored vehicles, 2,240 vehicles and fuel tanks, 631 artillery pieces, 203 multiple guns. he also added. rocket launcher, 93 air defense systems, 174 helicopters, 207 aircraft, 504 drones and 13 boats.


Weapons deliveries: promises not kept by Germany

According to several German media outlets, including Welt, Germany has delivered almost no weapons to Ukraine in the past nine weeks, despite executive promises. According to the German newspaper, Ukraine has received only two shipments of weapons from Germany since March, and Chancellor Olaf Scholz has so far refused to supply German battle tanks and armored personnel carriers.