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While life has more or less returned to normal, COVID-19 remains a major concern for all of us. While we must take measures to keep ourselves, our family, and our friends healthy, life cannot and should not stand still. By this we mean that we need to continue our daily activities for our mental and physical health! With winter at hand, you may be wondering if you can still practice team sports. Indoor sports covid? Probably? DeaVita has the answer!

Indoor sports covid: new measures?

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Depending on your location, you may be able to engage in physical activity in response to your health card to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus and its variants. But indoor sports covid : since when ? Since 26 November 2021, a new health protocol Applied for sports application. It is mandatory to wear a mask when using sports equipment. Competitive or recreational sports, school and college sports, indoor or outdoor sports… In fact, we don’t want to get carried away. You must have a health card Being able to do sports with other people in a closed area. It is not enough to wear a mask and regularly disinfect your hands. You need more protection than that. Read on for what you need to do to stop the virus from spreading and infecting many people.

Important information

Covid health card

The health card is required for all sports activities, including fitness rooms. Wearing a protective mask is still mandatory for everyone! According to the Level 3 protocol, school children He should wear a mask and exercise by keeping a distance of 2m indoors and outdoors. Therefore, collective and martial arts are not allowed in the school setting. As of 29 November, the validity period of PCR and antigen tests for health transitions has been reduced to 24 hours.

For adults : therefore, the health card is mandatory everywhere, except for university students. If you want to attend a match, you must respect a distance of at least 1 m between the audience and wearing a mask is mandatory. To get the health card you need to have covid vaccine (Moderna, Pfizer, Janssen or AstraZeneca), PCR test or have been sick with Covid in the last six months.

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It can be very beneficial to do a certain sport in your spare time. Not only will it be good for your health, but you will also look great! If you think about it, there is no negative point… But if you do not have a green certificate yet, you cannot go and exercise with others. If you’re still wondering if you should get vaccinated, try boosting your immune system and exercising at home instead. However, for those vaccinated, DeaVita wants to share with you the best team sports you can play and reap the benefits.

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There are many sports you can try. But let’s face it, after the holidays we’ll all have the same New Year’s resolution: lose weight the easy way! So why not stop hiding your face and get straight into it? Playing a sport, any sport, leads to a remarkable increase in self-confidence! In the meantime, here is a list of activities you can try before or after the New Year:

  • Yoga (heals body and soul)
  • Sports crossfit (it’s a more complex sport for those who don’t get tired)
  • Martial arts (judo, kungfu, jujitsu, karate etc.)
  • Zumba (because we all want to feel great doing cardio)
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • volleyball
  • Don’t forget the weight room!

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Vaccination is one of the requirements of the health transition.

Covid vaccine required for sports

Yoga is not as easy as it looks! If you’re ready to transform, go ahead!

indoor fitness covid yoga

Isn’t Zumba good? Feel stronger by doing cardio and having fun!

Zumba off covid

Martial arts are a great way to learn self defense. We all need this.

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Or take a dance practice and teach your body to be graceful and strong.

indoor covid ballet

Working out at the gym may seem tiring, but the after-effects are always great!

Cross fit in covid sports interior

Boxing is also a great way to learn self-defense. Jump!

Social distancing covid boxing

Don’t forget to disinfect your hands and wear your mask!

Mask and gel necessary for indoor sports