Do you always lose your muscles?


Alexis Flamel

When you stop the sport for a long time, the effects on the body are definitely numerous. Especially if you usually do regular physical activity. But what exactly are the consequences of standing on the body? Do you necessarily lose muscle? We take stock.

Stopping sports can have serious consequences on the body. Athletes accustomed to intense and regular training, whatever the cause, suffer more from the effects of prolonged sports suspension. But do you know in what ways? Does quitting exercise change your body? Is muscle loss mechanical? If you decide to quit sports, we answer the questions you ask yourself.

What are the benefits of sports to the body?

They are countless. As we know, regular practice of a sport is absolutely essential for maintaining a sport. good physical and mental health. On a psychological level, sport is a great ally. The endorphins released by the body during a sports session allow the athlete to reach a state of relaxation after exercise.

So the practice of sports fight stress naturally, It prevents not only anxiety but also the risk of depression. In this regard, the benefits of sports are indisputable. This is also true on the physical plane. Regular exercise stimulates the skeleton. Sport thus protects bones and joints. Some strength training exercises can even increase bone density to reduce the risk of fractures.

But that’s not all. The practice of a sport also allows protects the body’s organs. Regular physical activity strengthens the myocardium, the heart muscle. With training, it becomes more permanent and healthier. This allows him to more easily fulfill his duties within the organization. Thus, sports provide protection against many diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases.

Does quitting exercise make you gain weight?

You can stop sports for a long time for different reasons. Lack of time, health problem… If there is a lack of motivation, remember the reasons that motivated you to do this sport and think about the benefits it brings to you. You can also turn to other sports activities.

As a general rule, stopping the sport, weight gain in most people. Especially since quitting sports often involves new eating habits. The calories taken are more easily eliminated and the bad calories are stored more in the body. Even weight gain can be very rapid.

In other, more rare cases, stopping the sport can lead to weight loss. This is due to muscle wasting, especially in those who train regularly and those who do this quickly. Losing weight consists of muscle loss, not fat loss. Muscle wasting may occur a few weeks after stopping sports, but this is dependent on the specific reaction of each organism.

What are the consequences of quitting the sport?

This Negative results The number of sudden cessation of sports in the body is many. Muscle loss is likely to occur quickly, as we see in people who train regularly. After a pause, the muscles no longer work and are mechanically wasted.

If there is weight loss not good news. The physical qualities of the body weaken and daily loss of endurance, speed, strength or flexibility is observed.

stop sport still a significant increase in glucose levelsin the organism. Regular physical exercise allows the body to consume glucose. A loss of bone density It can also be observed with notable consequences of increased risk of injury and fracture.

Why is it not recommended to quit sports?

We can never repeat enough, but regular practice of physical activity, It is absolutely necessary to maintain health. This is even more true if he has a sedentary lifestyle. Body grooming requires moderate to very intense exercise, depending on your athletic abilities, weight, age, and physical condition… But stopping exercise automatically will cause you to lose many of the benefits of physical activity. regular.

Stopping the sport suddenly your metabolism will be put to the test very quickly. You are likely to quickly observe the symptoms of your cessation of activity. Muscle pain will inevitably appear. You will then need to go through muscle strengthening specifically to avoid back pain.

It is generally recommended to train three times a week to stay in shape. Once again, this rhythm should be adapted to your physical condition and the sport you play. However Suddenly quitting sports won’t do you any good. In addition to losing the benefits of exercise, you increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and you shed muscle mass while storing bad calories.