DOCUMENT RTL – Police opened fire in Paris: A passenger in the vehicle said the police “wanted to go crazy”

On Saturday, June 4, police officers on bikes fired at a vehicle several times during a checkup, seriously injuring the driver and front passenger, and eventually succumbing to their wounds the next day. For the first time since the events, a passenger in the vehicle targeted by these shootings testifies on RTL’s microphone. According to him, contrary to the version put forward by a police source, the car did not hit the officers.

In fact, for İbrahima, who was sitting in the back seat, this evening started like the others. “I was at a nightclub with a friend and my girlfriends (…). They asked us to drop them off at their house. Then we left to bring them back, then everything happened quickly,” he says.

“We were at a red light and a police officer on a bike came and banged on the driver’s window to ask him to pull over for a checkup,” says the passenger. “My friend nodded as if to say ‘yes I’m going to step aside,’ he advanced a little and did not stopHe continues by stating that the man behind the wheel does not have a driver’s license.

When the vehicle gets stuck in “some kind of traffic jam”, the police catch it. “They came right up to us and robbed us straight away.‘ reassures the rear passenger. ‘In’, ‘turn off the ignition’, ‘turn off the engine’, it was alleged that the police threw them at them. Yet, ‘my friend did not dare to look to the left, he looked. on the right and pretended not to see them”.

“He shot directly, he fired at least ten shots”

Also, according to Ibrahima, the agents were “trembling, holding their guns”. According to him, it is a scene that scares the passengers. “The driver was told ‘park, get out,’ but he didn’t look at the police. I guess then the police must have seen that he didn’t want to calculate or get out of the car. fired directly, fired at least ten shots“, he adds.

After shooting, the drive starts again. “For maybe 200 or 300 meters, we were all yelling at him, ‘stop, stop’. He finally stopped and started running,” Ibrahima recalls. “Then we got out of the car and saw that the girl in the front was covered in blood, she was unconscious‘, continues the passenger of the vehicle. The police handcuff them and vainly give CPR to the injured young woman.

The man eventually turns to the other side of the street and says, “Maybe five minutes later I saw them do the same thing to my friend.” Next to him, the fourth person in the vehicle “screamed and cried”. “I wasn’t well either,” he admits, “we were in shock“.

“He didn’t really want to be caught”

He faced the version submitted by the police, especially the voices of his lawyers who confirmed it in an RTL document. the second “had no choice To avoid aggression,” says İbrahima, summarizing the situation once again in a few sentences.

Didn’t hit any cops. The police came to the side and knocked on the window. How do you crash into a driver’s window and have someone crash into you at the same time? This is impossible ! We then advanced, and the second time they came, they crossed both sides and aimed directly at us. I looked more at the person on the left, saw that he was trembling, not calm, it was obvious he was going to shoot“, he argues.

According to Ibrahima, the driver’s only fault was refusing to comply. “He really didn’t want to be caughtHe has no license and is half free.” Putting himself in his friend’s shoes, he “must have told himself these are bikes, they can’t catch him because we’re inside. a car and it would be easy to lose them”.

As for the police, “they saw a story, they wanted to go wild, come out, I don’t know”. “While we always hear of chases where the police shoot the tires or the passenger compartment”, Ibrahima wonders: “Why did they shoot the girl in the head? If they wanted to subdue someone, they had to subdue the car or the driver, that has nothing to do with it.” “I’m angry, abused. We don’t even see it in the movies. Frankly, I don’t understand,” he said.

Complaint to IGPN

İbrahima says that beyond anger, she was “shocked” by the events. “I can’t sleep, so many flashes come to mind, just thinking about it“I will do anything to go to a psychologist,” he adds, trusting the person who claims to have “repented of many things.”

The rear passenger of the vehicle also states that he filed a complaint after his hearing at IGPN. “The story shouldn’t end like this, it’s not true, the man insists, we’re not going to let it go, they should be judged and admit their mistakes”. According to that, in real cameras The capital and the police “will not be able to cover up such an event”.

“The passenger in the car stands out,” responds Me Laurent-Franck Liénard, who also relied on CCTV footage to shed light on this event.

Police detained, removed driver

The three police officers involved in this incident, make sure the vehicle passes over themHe was detained on Sunday at the National Inspector General of Police (IGPN) on charges of “violence with a gun by a person of public authority”. Because of the seriousness of the consequences of firearms, and check the terms of use of their weapons.

“Police surveillance continues to analyze all the elements and understand the sequence of these dramatic facts,” police lawyer Laurent-Franck Liénard told AFP. “For my clients, this police custody measure works especially hard. but they accept the principle and cooperate fully in investigations”.

The 38-year-old driver, who suffered a chest injury, was briefly detained on Monday for “attempting to kill a person with public authority”. However, this was removed shortly after, her status finally doesn’t let her be heard at this stage.

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