Doping: Valieva incident lifts the curtain on behind-the-scenes sports games


The Valieva event kicked off Wednesday when it was decided to postpone the medal ceremony for the figure skating team event. The only statement from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was legal in nature.

Then, we learned from the special site that they were all linked to Kamila Valieva’s positive doping control. On Friday, the international organization responsible for controls (ITA) confirmed that during the Olympic Games, the young ROC skater was tested positive by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency at the Russian Championships in Saint Petersburg on 25 December (RUSSIA).

Interestingly, the Russian anti-doping control agency reported positive results only on February 8, the day after his team’s victory. He then immediately suspends the offending young skater while he waits for the next day’s announcements.

Valieva’s appeal was heard, and after her statements, which would appear later, RUSSIA He decides to lift his sentence. This decision ensures that the skater continues to participate in the Games as he is the single biggest favorite of Olympic gold.

However IOC He does not want to wait for the report of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency and declares that he will appeal this decision at the Court of Arbitration for Sports (ROCK), because a decision must be made before February 15, the date of the free program for ladies.

So much for facts.

Radio-Canada learned ROCK More than 10 days before the opening ceremony of the games, he could not immediately decide on the results of the tests.

most ROCK He cannot make a decision on the merits by claiming that he has no authority. most IOCWorld Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the International Skating Federation (user interface), in which case the appellant cannot compel the case. ROCK adjudge.

The Court may also request regulations of the Statutes.WADA to make your decision. If an athlete is under the age of 16, he will not necessarily be held liable in the event of a positive test. In addition, he does not have the right to reveal his identity and in this case, he cannot be sanctioned.

A plate bearing the court's name is screwed to a wire mesh.

Sports Arbitration Court building in Lausanne


Russian Olympic Committee defended Kamila Valieva

The ROC said in a statement that after Kamila Valieva’s positive result, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency immediately suspended the athlete until a statement was made. During the trial, he persuaded the Russian anti-doping authorities who decided to lift the sentence.

Therefore, currently, the athlete has the full right to train and compete without any restrictions, until the Court of Arbitration for Sport decides otherwise regarding his Olympic status.said ROC.

2022, ainsi que son test antidopage, effectué pendant les Jeux olympiques, ont donné un résultat négatif. Le ROC part également du fait qu’une enquête approfondie sera menée, à la suite de laquelle toutes les circonstances juridiques et factuelles pertinentes de l’incident seront établies.”,”text”:”Le Comité olympique russe attire l’attention sur le fait que le test antidopage de l’athlète, effectué après les Championnats d’Europe de patinage artistique en janvier2022, ainsi que son test antidopage, effectué pendant les Jeux olympiques, ont donné un résultat négatif. Le ROC part également du fait qu’une enquête approfondie sera menée, à la suite de laquelle toutes les circonstances juridiques et factuelles pertinentes de l’incident seront établies.”}}”>The Russian Olympic Committee draws attention to the fact that the doping test performed by the athlete after the January 2022 European Figure Skating Championships, as well as the doping test during the Olympics, was negative. The ROC also assumes that a thorough investigation will be conducted to identify all relevant legal and factual circumstances of the incident.added.

Valuable sports achievements, behind-the-scenes games a little less…

In this whole thing, it wasn’t necessarily going to be a doping story. But the young skater’s surroundings could certainly be more vigilant, and officials responsible for anti-doping controls at the Russian championships warned Valieva that she was taking a medication containing a WADA-banned substance.

One might wonder about the surprising delay of the Swedish lab that checked the test. If the test was done on December 25, why did the Russian Anti-Doping Agency test positive only on February 8?

In this regard, although the delay raises serious questions in ROC, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency justified the idea of ​​a conspiracy, explaining to AFP that the Stockholm lab justified the decision. Delays in analysis and announcement of results due to increase in COVID-19 cases.

It took about six weeks for Valieva’s positive test to come to light. It is a disastrous failure of the system dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the games and the clean athletes who compete.The head of the American Anti-Doping Agency told AFP Travis Tygart (USADA)

It is a disastrous failure of the system that it has lasted so long at this level of competition. This is inexcusablebeat him.

But there are other actors eclipsed in this ambiguous dossier.

Athletes greet the audience on the podium.

Despite the fact that Kamila Valieva has a positive doping test, one expert does not see how the ROC will deprive her of her gold medal in the team competition in figure skating.

Photo: Getty Images/Matthew Stockman

According to our sources, internal conflicts are taking place between the different skate federations. A somewhat similar situation was presented at the Salt Lake City Games in 2002, when evidence was presented of collusion between countries competing for medals and making arrangements to get their athletes on the podium. Everyone remembers the Salé-Pelletier incident, where two Canadian skaters paid the price for these regulations before they regained their Olympic glory.

Well, we would go on arrangements between friends. But there it was perhaps necessary to find other solutions in the face of Russian domination. And this is where questions arise. How did the press know before the ISU, IOCI’ITA andWADA Was there a positive case? Was it Kamila Valieva? And even the name of the product appeared?

You should be careful. If the young ROC skater is penalized, the team does not necessarily lose their gold medal. Pierre-Olivier Rocchi, lawyer and anti-doping expert in Paris, said in an interview with France 24: In this situation, which the texts do not foresee, I do not understand how the team can be deprived of its gold medal. Unlike athletics regulations, which sanction an entire relay race if a runner has previously tested positive, the International Skating Union’s regulation only provides for a collective disqualification in the event of a check during the competition.

This case is not simple. It mainly concerns a 15-year-old girl who is taken hostage in a horrific story that is probably beyond her. Sports competitions are spectacular and the achievements during the Games are incredible. But sometimes, behind the scenes, we can see that it’s less.

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