Eaubonne: Bussys district shows concern over road traffic


A petition is started on change.org for a new entry in the direction of Soisy-Argenteuil in Bip.
A petition is started on change.org for a new entry in the direction of Soisy-Argenteuil in Bip. (©Fabrice Cahen.)

this busya region in the southeaubonneanxious.

Arbc association, which was formed against the first project for a new school in the south district, started a petition on change.org.

calls for a new access ramp to be built on it. beep (This semi-underground highway has been renamed Avenue du Parisis, which runs partially through the Montmorency valley. Sannois and Saint-Gratien), at the junction of rue de Saint-Gratien.

Although the project has been substantially revised downwards, this new school, which will be delivered at the beginning of the 2024 academic year, CDs which will host the American teams for the 2024 Paris Olympics, and

While “the Alouettes activity area and the continuous development of the bus station” are factors that increase the fear of future traffic in the neighborhood, “several solutions have been provided regarding flow and parking”.

Narrow streets

In this district, “very narrow and often private streets, semi-trailers, the number 10 bus line and Pullman cars of sports teams pass daily”.


Heavy weights from Bip.

“The problem is that they can’t go back the same way: no entry was made there. They will pass by the new school, which in our opinion represents the most explosive cocktail to be avoided at all costs! »

Association Vice PresidentDavid diFilippostates that the claim was made by several associations and that the letters had already been sent to political leaders and the governor.

Videos: currently on Actu

Research has concluded that it is impossible to realize such a project. The association calls for new studies.

“In one video, David di Filippo insists to show the danger of not entering the Bip, we see a truck entering the Alouettes area and unable to go because the bridge over the Bip is prohibited. 12 tons or more, go back on the Bip exit ramp! School and Cdfa Between jobs the neighborhood will go to hell by 2024. We have nothing against Jos or the school and the development of the city but at some point we say stop, you have to be sensible.

Eaubonne mayor’s reaction

“Since the beginning of his term, we have been raising the issue with the Department,” explains Marie-José Beaulande, mayor of Eaubonne (Ps). In a broader sense, we are working on the problem of traffic and mobility in the whole district. To find the solution, the City of Eaubonne is organizing a travel study south of the city and will involve all stakeholders, including the Departmental Council. In addition, in recent days, the Department has undertaken to carry out a new study in this direction at a public meeting on the expansion of CDFAs”.

Department reaction

The Department emphasizes that CDfas’ rehabilitation work “will not increase the purchasing capacities of the organization on sports equipment”. It will make it possible to completely limit the daily traffic flow outside of Cdfas, as it does not have the means to offer sufficient accommodation to its users”. In addition, it states that road services are conducting studies on the technical feasibility of an access ramp to Bip in 2020, concluding that it is “technically impossible (…) especially with regard to the placement of the tunnel.” Vehicles on this structuring road network. But during a public meeting, the Head of Department announced the start of a new “stand-alone” study, explaining that the Ministry is seeking solutions to improve travel and streamline road traffic in conjunction with the Eaubonne town hall, “running its own restructuring projects for the county,” he said.


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