Edouard Schumacher charts his course


Wander through a building resembling a Mayan temple and discover, in the dark, nearly fifteen light paintings painted with Street Art stars, where the emblematic luxury cars are on the throne. Such is the 100% virtual adventure presented by Edouard Schumacher, chairman of the board of the LS Group, a heavy in-vehicle distribution company. With a turnover of 1 billion euros, the man invested in the metaverse through an art gallery. Because this young quadrangle, with a brown beard and tan skin, likes to “break codes”.

dandy in sneakers

Passionate about art, new technologies and automotive design, he can’t wait to gauge the impact of this new NFT exhibition, which kicks off June 21. “Curiosity is what characterizes me the most, entrusting this dandy to sneakers. I always want discoveries and new horizons”. “He has a pioneering side. He is creative and likes to surprise with unexpected projects”, says Delphine Leme, LS Group’s general secretary of marketing.

This demonstrated dissonance is nonetheless part of a well-thought-out vision. According to the hyperactive leader, the planet has changed times since Covid-19. It also plans to harmonize its organization, which distributes 23 car brands from Dacia to Toyota to Lamborghini. The pyramid company, where everything is decided at the top, he says, is an old model.

mobility incubator

Edouard Schumacher wants to foster the creativity of his 1,500 employees by creating “LS Valley”, an incubator for innovative projects for internal use this year. The aim is to uncover good ideas and turn them into start-ups focused on “new mobility”. Anyone can participate. LS Group will invest capital in structures and make people skills available to project leaders. It’s an approach that promises to be long-term. Another major ongoing project: the feminization of unions in a traditionally macho automotive industry. As a result of the merger between distributors Lamirault and Schumacher in early 2019, the company already has 22% female members.

Ever since Edouard Schumacher took over the family business in 2007 upon the death of his father, André, staying still has been a matter of survival. At 25, a law student urgently integrates a society on the edge of the abyss. Supported by several loyal members of his family, it took him three years to correct the situation despite his inexperience. “I went without asking myself too many questions. “I didn’t want my father’s name to appear a second time,” she says.

an alpine barn

His younger brother, François, joined him in 2015, when the group was reorganized, as it continued to move forward by diversifying its portfolio. The distributor, hitherto positioned on general manufacturers, will nonetheless add a few sports brands to its offering: Maserati, Alpine, Bugatti, McLaren… Earn their trust, set up a showroom and attract customers: It’s not easy to do. Launch elite cars into new areas. “If customers are satisfied, they will bring you close circles. Success is based on advice. One brand will let you meet another”, summarizes Alpine owner Edouard Schumacher.

Fascinated by the elegant A110, this father of two recently sponsored an Alpine team that took part in the European GT4 championship. A great showcase for the group. Beyond finance, the entrepreneur gets personally involved by interacting with the sports team on a daily basis. The competition can be found on the stands at the weekends, carefully down to the smallest detail. As meticulous as a certain Michael Schumacher? Yes, but to be noted, he has no affiliation with the German pilot.