[EN DIRECT] 77th day of the war in Ukraine: Here are all the latest developments

Ukraine claims to be in the process of pushing back Russian forces from the Kharkov region (northeast), Ukraine’s second city, which has been in a flood of fire since the end of February, while other fronts to the south and east don’t seem to be changing. significantly.

Here are the latest developments, minute by minute

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23:10 | Ukraine: Besieged commander in Mariupol seeks help from Elon Musk

Among the fighters besieged by Russian forces at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol on Wednesday, a Ukrainian commander directly asked US billionaire Elon Musk to intervene to save them.

22:01 | NATO, from the Cold War to the invasion of Ukraine

Created at the start of the Cold War, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has grown into the main joint military defense organization with 30 member states in Europe and North America.

22:01 | What you need to know about Finland and Sweden’s possible NATO membership

Decades after military alliances, Finland and Sweden are preparing for a possible NATO candidacy after the invasion of Ukraine to deter their Russian neighbors from attacking them.

22:01 | Mariupol and Boutcha on the menu of the UN Human Rights Council

The UN Human Rights Council convened in an extraordinary session Thursday to examine allegations of serious abuses committed by Russia in Ukraine, particularly in Mariupol and Boutcha.

21:10 | Ukraine: first case for war crimes linked to Russian occupation

A 21-year-old Russian soldier will be prosecuted for war crimes in Ukraine on February 24, where the first trial on this charge in the Russian-occupied country will be held, Kyiv’s chief prosecutor announced on Wednesday.

15:49 | Football: Ukraine plays friendly match for first time since war

The Ukrainian national team, which has not been able to gather on its territory since the end of February, when the conflict began, defeated Borussia Mönchengladbach 2-1 on Wednesday in a charity match for victims of the conflict in the Rhine city. . . .

14:59 | 1 person was killed and 3 people were injured in the attack carried out by Ukraine in Russia.

One person was killed and three others injured in southwestern Russia after shelling from Ukraine, the Russian governor of the affected area said on Wednesday.

“At the moment, one person has died, died in the ambulance and there are three injured,” Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of the Belgorod region, said in the Telegram messaging application.

14:27 | A social worker in Ukraine determined to stay close to the front

The sounds of shelling rumble from several directions and black smoke rises from the horizon, but Janna Protsenko continues to pedal her bike to join those unable to escape the clashes between the Ukrainian and Russian armies.

Janna, a social worker, is determined to continue her work, eager to help her fellow citizens among the most vulnerable citizens she’ll ever see at home, despite the coming wars.

READ | First charter flight of Ukrainian refugees in Montreal on 29 May

Immigration Canada has announced that the first charter flight of Ukrainian refugees will arrive in Montreal-Trudeau on May 29.

10:26 | Berlin predicts the consequences of the war for “100 years”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz warned on Wednesday that Ukraine will have to “fight 100 years” against the consequences of the current war, drawing parallels with his country’s Second World War.

10:10 am | Russia: Central Bank’s foreign exchange reserves are falling

The Russian Central Bank’s foreign exchange reserves, which reached record levels just before the start of the operation against Ukraine on February 24, are falling, according to data released by the agency on Wednesday.

READ | “Commando dolphins”, an old practice popular in Moscow and Washington

Are the dolphins on a commando mission in the Black Sea? The use of cetaceans for military purposes is new and far from being limited to the war in Ukraine, it is an old practice that many armies, especially American and Russian, have resorted to in recent years.

10:03 | Prague authorizes 100 Czechs to fight in Ukraine

Czech President Milos Zeman gave permission to about 100 Czech citizens on Wednesday to help the Ukrainian army fight Russian forces, his spokesman said.

08:38 | Berd: Ukraine finance minister urged to ‘maximize’ donation efforts

Ukraine’s Finance Minister, Sergey Marchenko, on Wednesday urged Kiev’s international partners at the EBRD’s annual meeting to “maximize efforts” to help his country, especially in terms of its future rebuilding.

10:02 | Money transfers to Ukraine will increase by more than 20%

According to a World Bank, remittances to low- and middle-income countries are expected to increase by 4.2% this year, and Ukraine, damaged by the Russian offensive, will be the main beneficiary with an expected increase of more than 20%. The report released on Wednesday.

READ | “Chances of survival” in Ukrainian steelworks, which have become real strongholds

In a bunker a few meters underground, water and food reserves, piles of mattresses, toilets and wood stoves show that the Soviets built this Ukrainian steelworks with one thought: war.

8:29 | Cable production in Leoni almost back to normal

The German equipment manufacturer announced on Wednesday that cable production in Ukraine for supplier Leoni, whose production cuts have plagued the European automotive industry, has almost returned to normal.

07:01 | ILO says nearly a third of jobs in Ukraine are lost due to war

The International Labor Organization warned Wednesday that about 30% of jobs (or 4.8 million) in Ukraine have been lost since the beginning of the war launched by Russia, and that evolution is entirely dependent on the military situation.

6:24 | Pro-Russians in the Kherson region want to demand annexation from Putin

Officials appointed by Moscow in Ukraine’s Kherson region intend to seek annexation from Vladimir Putin, a pro-Russian regional official said on Wednesday.

5:42 | Ukraine tried to block the sale of alcohol in Russia

Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister for digital in his government, said on Wednesday that Kiev is trying to disrupt the sale of alcohol in Russia amid Ukraine’s cyberwar actions against Russia.

4h30 | Decline in Russian gas deliveries transiting through Ukraine

The volume of Russian gas passing through Ukraine, an important route for European supply, appears to have dropped on Wednesday, as clashes with the Russian military in the east of the country are preventing gas infrastructures from working properly, according to Kiev.

0h52 | Ukraine: Russian threat moves away from Kharkiv

On Tuesday-Wednesday night, the Russian noose loosened in Kharkiv, the second city in eastern Ukraine that has been bombarded since the end of February, and the conflict could spread to the southwest, Ukrainian officials said. Washington.

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