end of compulsory telework, end of mask outside… France lifts some restrictions

UPDATE ON THE SITUATION – New measures, new results and highlights: Le Figaro Provides an update on the latest developments in the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

France lifts some health restrictions, Pfizer requests permission for childhood vaccination, and Quebec stops taxing the unvaccinated. Le Figaro On Wednesday, February 2, he reviews the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world.

416,896 new cases, France lifts some restrictions

As of this Wednesday, the obligation to wear masks in the open air is eliminated, the tubes are removed in public places (stadiums, cultural institutions, etc.), and telework is no longer mandatory, it is only recommended. Thanks to the new vaccination card, which replaced the old health card at the end of January, “We will be able to lift most of the restrictions taken to stop the epidemic in February“He had promised to Prime Minister Jean Castex at the end of January.

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Still, the epidemic continues violently. According to the results of Public Health France, 382 people died from Covid on Tuesday. 32,894 patients are currently hospitalized, including 3,917 who arrived in the last 24 hours. 3,751 patients are being treated in intensive care units – 454 since the previous day. 416,896 new cases were detected.

The government did not attribute the lifting of these restrictions to the evolution of health status. “We must remain vigilant as hospital pressure continues to be high.“, notes in an interview with Emmanuel Macron the sound of the north It was published on Tuesday evening. “Those who think that we will end the epidemic are lies.‘ he underlines.

Pfizer seeks permission to vaccinate children under five

The pharmaceutical giant announced on Tuesday that Pfizer has begun the process of obtaining emergency authorization for the Covid-19 vaccine for children aged six months to 4 years in the United States.

If approved by the United States Medicines Agency (FDA), the vaccine will be the first vaccine available for this age group in the United States.

WHO considers it premature to declare victory

The director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Tuesday that it is too early for countries to claim victory over Covid-19 or abandon attempts to contain the virus transmission. The call for attention comes as some countries consider returning to life earlier. “More transmissions means more deathssaid Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Calling for measures to be taken especially to reduce the use of gloves, WHO said that the mountain of medical waste associated with Covid-19 poses a risk to health and the environment.

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Quebec non-vaccinated tax exempt

Quebec Tuesday”health contribution» The introduction of this tax for the unvaccinated earlier this month sparked a strong backlash in the French-speaking Canadian province.

Concerned about seeing its population split, Quebec Prime Minister François Legault decided at one point to roll back his bill, saying:We see that discontent is increasing day by day.“.

Catalonia: reopening of nightclubs

The government of this region announced on Tuesday that discotheques and other nightlife establishments in Catalonia could reopen on February 11, after being closed for almost two months.

Portugal: positive prime minister

The cabinet announced that the test was positive Tuesday, two days after Portugal’s Socialist Prime Minister Antonio Costa won the legislative election.

A sub-variant of Omicron (WHO) in 57 countries

A sub-variant of the Omicron coronavirus strain, which some studies have shown, may be more contagious than the original version, as it has been detected in 57 countries, WHO said on Tuesday.

The rapidly spreading and mutating Omicron has become the world’s dominant variant since it was first detected in South Africa ten weeks ago.

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More than 5.67 million dead

The pandemic has officially killed at least 5,671,154 people worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to a report by AFP at 11:00 GMT on Tuesday. The country with the most deaths (890,356) is ahead of the USA (890,356), Brazil (628,067), India (496,242) and Russia (332,012).

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the impact of the pandemic could be two to three times greater than officially determined, taking into account the excess death rate directly and indirectly linked to Covid-19.