End of Dragons expansion available now, what you need to know

The third expansion of the MMOArenaNetThe second takes place in the Cantha area, a green space that follows its events. Guild Wars Factionscut off from all external communication for almost two centuries. Dragons’ End then it is now available for any player Guild Wars 2and not so bad since the last extension Fire Path He was aging almost at the peak of his five-year seniority. We’re rounding up everything you need to know about this new content.

History and the new epic: where are we?

guild wars 2: end of dragons

After dealing with the threats posed by the ancestral dragons, the player will return to explore the lands of Cantha, now much changed and imprinted with dragon magic. These places, then, will be the habitat of a particular Tengu species, while they will be dormant and always controversial among several groups: a rather mysterious people so far in Guild Wars 2. .

Then many inventions are unique to this place and players will be able to take advantage of this new magic through a few additions that will be added directly to the game. Indeed, we note view of jade boots. Linked directly to one of the five new masteries introduced by the extension, jade bots are useful robotic companions in both everyday life and combat, thanks to their ability to revive, for example, while the player is on the ground.

These have the ability to interact with other jade technologies on their side by activating turrets or with other jade technologies that offer different opportunities to the player. These Metal Helpers unlock at the end of Episode 5 of the Main Story and also a real addition during excursions in big cities. As a matter of fact, various activities will be reserved for them in these new capitals of the title.

guild wars 2: end of dragons

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But these big cities won’t be necessarily must-sees in expansion. Indeed, we can also speak of Arborstone. Gifted to the player’s avatar, this location is intended to serve as a hub for Cantha. As the story progresses, the place will become the cradle of new sagas of the MMO, while new NPCs and services will complete the place. It will also be possible to add other items to Arborstone, including images and utilities, through a new crafting branch directly related to this hub.

Finally, let me point out thata new Guild Hall will appear: Isle of Reflection. To unlock this hall, the guild in question will need to start a quest at the Lion’s Arch Guild Office. This will lead its members to complete different missions in Cantha by adapting the difficulty based on the number of people participating in the mission. However, fishing, which we will discuss later, will not be exclusive to Reflection Island and will also be accessible from the oldest Guild Halls.

Those who call it the End of Dragons also say the beginning of many other things.

guild wars 2 2 1

In our previous articles, we have already introduced other new features available in this extension. As usual, all classes will qualify for new specializations. In addition to these, the game, besides fishing, skiffs: boats that let a group of players go in search of shoals of fish. This app has the advantage of collecting unique resources, some of which can be used through other professions in the game.

In addition, a new type of mount is also appearing. With the different horses we’ve seen since then Fire Path, now it’s up to the Siege Turtle to log in. Second, it allows for a cooperation between two players. The first person scattering on you focuses primarily on moving the monster, while the second person takes down enemies with area attacks.

This siege animal also enjoys great freedom of movement, as it can move both on land and in water, and is equipped with a propellant that allows it to stay in the air for a short time. Mounts will play a bigger role Dragons’ End because sometimes they will have roles to play during missions.

Finally, the last but still great innovation of this extension, attack missions. The latter has already appeared during L’Épopée du givre and will make a comeback here. resurrecting old figures of the game such as Mai Trin. In a sense, we can also interpret it as the return of the dungeons for the MMO, although the latter is a little different.

Indeed, they allow you to group up a squad of 10 players and borrow mechanics similar to Raids, offering a certain amount of difficulty to challenge players. It is clear that in order to benefit from these new features, it is necessary to obtain the extension first. Guild Wars 2: Dragons’ End It can be purchased on the game’s website for € 29.99.