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CASTEX ANNOUNCEMENTS. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on TF1’s 13:00 news set on Wednesday, March 3 that wearing masks in closed areas and vaccination card on March 14th have ended.

[Mis à jour le 3 mars 2022 à 15h17] “We are entering a new phase in relaxing health measures” Prime Minister Jean Castex started on the news at 13.00 on Wednesday, March 3rd. before it is announced end from two obligations: to wear closed mask and vaccination card. March 14: Wherever it is made, the vaccination card will be suspended and the obligation to wear masks everywhere, including classes, will be removed, except for public transportation. do you have tweeted out. Backwards, “The health card will remain in effect at the entrances of hospitals, nursing homes or workplaces for disabled adults, except in emergencies.”. Ad details.

What are Jean Castex’s announcements?

Prime Minister Jean Castex, guest of the news from TF1 at 13:00 on Wednesday, March 3, end of vaccination card and wearing a mask indoors March 14, 2022 Mask will no longer be compulsory in schools “class included” The Prime Minister approved. On the other hand, it will continue to be mandatory in public transportation (train, plane) and health institutions. The health card will remain in effect at the entrances of hospitals, nursing homes or workplaces for disabled adults, except in emergencies.

What are the new measures in France?

  • From 14 March 2022, wearing masks is now commonplace in school classrooms, workplaces, etc. including indoors will not be mandatory. It will remain the same in public transport. The vaccination card will also be suspended wherever it applies. However, the health transition will continue to be mandatory. “except for emergencies at the entrance of hospitals, nursing homes or workplaces for disabled adults”.
  • Since February 28, 2022, Masks are no longer obligatory in closed places subject to vaccination cards. Wearing the mask remains indoors in transportation and closed areas that are not subject to vaccine pass. no longer needed in performance halls, concert halls and cinemas, as well as events and sporting events. As a reminder, since February 2, wearing a mask outside is no longer mandatory.
  • Since February 16, 2022, standing concerts resumedin accordance with health protocol.
  • Since February 16, 2022, standing consumption is allowed again in restaurants, cafes and bars.
  • From 16 February 2022 Discos that have been closed since December 10 are open compliant with health protocol
  • As of February 15, 2022, the rules regarding the vaccination card have changed for people who have turned 18 and have completed 1 month: The booster dose should be given three months after the end of the first vaccination program and up to a maximum of four months.
  • When the school holidays return from each district, the health protocol in the school moves from level 3 to level 2 for the entire metropolitan district.
  • Since February 2, 2022, no more indicators in publicly traded establishments sitting (stadiums, concert halls, theatres, etc.)

What are the final measures for vaccine transition?

Jean Castex announced on 3 March that the vaccine transition will be suspended wherever it is implemented from 14 March.

What are the final measurements for the mask?

On March 14, 2022, wearing masks will be completely removed, The Prime Minister announced Jean Castex on the 13:00 news broadcast of TF1. Everywhere, in companies, administrations, shops and stores and schools “class included”. sweetcorn not in transport, nursing homes, healthcare facilities and hospitals. Inside Wearing masks outside is no longer mandatory. Since February 2nd. Since that time February 28, most It is no longer mandatory to wear masks in closed areas (restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums, performance halls, concert halls, sports events, etc.) subject to vaccination.

What are the latest measures for testing and contact cases?

  • Since February 28, 2022, the screening system has been reduced for people in the general population who have come into contact with a confirmed case. Also at school. Students, like staff, have to take only one test (self-test or antigenic test) instead of three (D0, D2 and D4) in D2;
  • Since February 21, 2022, It is no longer necessary to submit a statement of honor to the legal guardians of students who confirm that the tests have been carried out. placing students in schools.

In the case of a positive self-test, the person will need to do an antigen test or a confirmatory RT-PCR test. The isolation rules remain unchanged. Besides :

  • he is not already It is no longer necessary to perform a PCR test to confirm a positive antigen test.
  • On the other hand, a PCR test remains necessary after a positive self-test.
  • For people vaccinated against Covid, there is no longer an indication for isolation while they await testing.

What are the latest Covid precautions for travel?

Since February 12, 2022, The following rules apply at the borders :

  • for vaccinated passengers Within the meaning of European regulations, there is no longer initial testing. As before distribution of the Omicron variant, proof of a complete vaccination program becomes sufficient to reach France, regardless of country of origin.
  • The requirement for unvaccinated travelers to present a negative test to travel to France remains.but when they come from countries on the “green” list, characterized by a moderate circulation of the virus, measures (testing, isolation) are lifted on arrival.
  • When unvaccinated travelers arrive from a country on the “orange” list, they must continue to provide a reason justifying their need to come to mainland France and may still be subject to random testing on arrival. Passengers who test positive will have to self-isolate according to Health Insurance’s recommendations.

What are the last measures in the cinema?

Reception in cinemas in accordance with the health protocol in effect at the cinemas reminded by the Ministry of Culture on February 4 Mandatory presentation of vaccination card (or sanitary) – will no longer be claimed from March 14 – As of February 28, 2022, the obligation to wear masks has disappeared. There is no longer a size limit or one-man rule among the audience. When school or extracurricular groups going to a movie show (this also applies to a museum or theatre): a health or vaccination card is not required if the institution has reserved a place or time slot for the school and extracurricular public; if the planned activity involves mixing with other users, a health card or vaccination by age is required. Wearing a mask is mandatory from the age of 6 : inside and during the session, including people with a health or vaccination card.

Masks will not be mandatory from 14 March “included in the classroom”.

What are the Covid precautions in skiing?

In February, the health protocol was clarified in skiing. Unlike the one released in November 2021, No more wearing masks on chairlifts (chairlifts equipped with suspended seats) and chairlifts (“hip pull”), on mats borrowed by only one person at a time, nor alpine skiing, Ski tours and Nordic skiing, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of Tourism in February. On the other hand, the remaining Mandatory for persons aged 6 and over entering or staying in closed vehicles chairlifts (gondolas or “eggs”), as well as indoor access areas (except where a vaccination or health card is required). And suggested for people over 6 years old in casesbusy outdoors at the foot of the chairlifts. most health or vaccination card East Required for access to gondolas, cable cars, funiculars, chairlifts, drag lifts and conveyor belts covered by the tourism code.

What are the last measures for remote working?

Since February 2, 2022, teleworking is no longer mandatory, it is recommended. “The use of telework is recommended: employers set the terms and conditions of use of telework within the framework of local social dialogue.“Can we read the health protocol at work updated on January 25, 2022. Employees with contact cases or symptoms suggestive of Covid should stay at home. Each employee should have a space in the office that will allow them to respect the business rules. physical distance of at least one meter in relation to any person (eg other employee, customer, user, service provider, etc.) associated with wearing a mask. this Festive moments that bring face-to-face workers together in a professional setting are suspended.

What are the latest Covid measures at school?

Health protocol goes from level 3 to level 2 in primary schools (first degree) for the entire metropolitan area after returning from the winter holidays in each region:

  • February 21, 2022 for zone B,
  • February 28, 2022 for zone A
  • March 7, 2022 for zone C.

This level change includes:

  • Obligation to wear masks in the open air has ended For primary school students and staff.
  • Possibility to practice physical and sports activities indoors without wearing a mask again, always respecting physical distance. Therefore, contact sports are not allowed without a mask.
  • End of per-class mixing restriction during restoration and in teacher absence. In cases where a teacher is not available and a replacement is expected, students can be redistributed to other classes. The mixing limit per level remains.

Until March 14, it remains obligatory to wear masks in closed areas for staff and students aged 6 and over. Masks will not be mandatory from 14 March “class included” said Jean Castex.

Screening rules for contact cases:

  • Removal of presentation of a certificate of parental dignity of negative self-test since February 21, 2022.
  • Since February 28, 2022, the screening system has been streamlined for students and staff with at-risk contact cases:just one test (self test or antigen test) in D2 instead of three self-tests (D0, D2 and D4).

Moreover, baccalaureate specialization examsIt was postponed to 11, 12 and 13 May due to the Covid-19 outbreak, which was planned to be held on 14-16 March.


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