Enduro de Latrecey: The motivation is still there!


From 9pm on Sunday, June 5th, more than 200 pilots will cross the forest trails around Latrecey, home to the 21st.to its enduro edition. A reduced crowd, but solid motivation for the volunteers of the local Moto club hoping for a friendly day.

This is an observation that, unfortunately, tends to multiply in the post-Covid era: Participation in sporting events is declining, including those that used to bring large numbers of competitors together. 21to The edition of the Latrecey enduro is therefore no exception, although only 200 riders sent their registrations to the organizers midweek. “Half of what we usually accept”Latrecey Moto club secretary Damien Demangeot regretted it. “The reasons are hard to understand. Are the price increases the cause? Have the pilots acquired new habits during the health crisis and no longer want to return to the competition? It is difficult to answer. »

Whatever the case, the situation did not put off the fifteen volunteers from MC Latrecey, who have been fighting to organize this event every Saturday for nearly three months. “Everything is ready today! Stages are drawn, routes are drawn and marked with signs. » It must be said that in Latrecey for more than forty years transmission has been important and a certain know-how exists in terms of organisation. “Myself, when I was younger, I participated in the building of circuits about fifteen years ago”Damien reassures Demangeot. “The club has members who have been there since the beginning! »

This is a solid motivation that also contributes to not giving up on the 2022 edition. “The drop in records could have encouraged us to relegate, but it’s not in the club’s DNA”still provides MCL secretary. “Of course, the budget will be a little tighter, but it is a biennial competition that is already experiencing a health crisis in 2020. That’s why it’s been four years since enduro found its place. We didn’t want to delay it again. »

with Switzerland

That’s why they will have over 200 to explore the forest trails around Latrecey. Divided into three categories (Division 1, 2 and 3), participants will also find some of their Swiss counterparts, because in addition to the Grand-Est championship, the event is also available for the Swiss championship. “Sunday will be around sixty to start”recognizes Damien Demangeot. Among the competitors, only one member of the local motorcycle club will race, the others will be monopolized by the organization. Thus, Baptiste Fleuriot, which started this year with enduro, will be in the category.
League 2. “But other Haute-Marnais drivers from neighboring clubs will definitely be there”It gives confidence to the MCL leader.

As usual, participants will decide on the two phases drawn in the course. The former (located between Latrecey and Créancey), located in a large meadow, has been regularly viewed on prints, while the latter (on the Dancevoir side) has not changed much over the years. “Ligue 1” will therefore make three passes in each, “Ligue 2” will only make two runs, when “Ligue 3” stops after one lap of the circuit. “We were disturbed by only a few passages that are now forbidden to us in the new National Park”concludes Damien Demangeot.

Not enough to demoralize the members of the Latrecey Motorcycle Club.

Laurent Genin

[email protected]