Environmental fanaticism: the latest news from Europe

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Released on April 12, 2022


Programmatically, the most extreme environmental parties in Europe are the Belgian Ecolo & Groen and the German party Die grünen. These parties have common features with the socialist and liberal parties to be in power at the federal level of their own countries.

in Belgium

Belgium, along with France, is one of the European countries whose energy mix emits the least CO2. This virtue derives from the seven perfectly functioning nuclear reactors. ace! Ecologists, whose primary ideological engine is nothing but hatred, have an unquenchable hatred of nuclear power. On the one hand, because nuclear energy seems to them a kind of encroachment, extracting almost unlimited energy from Gaia. On the other hand, because this energy is absolutely limitless, which counteracts general misery – they prefer. humility – which is currently the primary target of environmentalists in politics.

Belgian environmentalists demanded that the entire nuclear fleet be replaced by gas-fired power plants, and narrowly failed. This could suddenly push Belgium into the class of European countries with the highest CO2 emissions. An environmental official said at the time: “It doesn’t matter, other European countries will compensate by reducing their emissions. » Evil monkey!

The invasion of Ukraine destroyed the ultra-carbonist projects of environmentalists. In fact, he realized that the gas-fired power stations envisioned by ecologists would be partially and necessarily supplied by Russian gas and would directly contribute to Russia’s war effort.

Defeated by the realities of nuclear expansion, Belgian ecologists are now pondering the details: expanding two nuclear reactors when five nuclear reactors need to be expanded. Indeed, the Ecolo and Groen parties still demand the replacement of three viable nuclear reactors with gas-fired power plants that would cause Belgian CO2 emissions to explode. Due to financial necessity, these gas-fired power stations will nevertheless and always be partially supplied by Russian gas, thereby financing Russian imperialism.

What is new is that we learn that one of the power stations that ecologists dream of will be built and therefore controlled by the totalitarian regime… China. European environmentalists are determined – and determined! – ensuring humanitarian regimes.

One wonders: what is the threshold of contradiction that Ecolo voters—nearly left in Groen—would wonder about its relevance, rationality, and relevance to their values ​​and electoral choices?

in Germany

In 2018, at the United Nations tribune, President Donald J. Trump signaled to the Germans that by adding Nord-Stream 2 to Nord-Stream 1, they would worsen their core dependence on Russian gas—hence Europe. The delegation greeted this statement—a simple factual statement—with that characteristic air of superiority:

Unlike Belgian ecologists, German ecologists are following suit: they insist on demanding the shutdown of the last three German nuclear reactors in service, and they are in the process of getting it. This is to replace them with gas – always more gas! 55% of German gas is paid to Russia – and coal is among the most polluting energy sources, besides emitting a large amount of CO2. We read a lot that the Germans learned from their mistakes.

It is permissible to doubt this.

European Union

These aftershocks of anti-nuclear conflicts should not hide the fact that the overwhelming majority of European countries understand and integrate that their future will be partially nuclear. Two examples from others: the UK will build a huge nuclear fleet and the Dutch have given up on their superstitions in the same area.

The real environmental threat to families in Europe today is the European Commission’s Farm to Fork programme. This program aims to eliminate the methods and techniques of modern agriculture in Europe and to replace them with ecological or organic agriculture. According to the neutral and objective costing of this program by the US Federal Department of Agriculture, Farm to Fork will lead to the collapse of agricultural production in Europe.

Combined with the significant decline in agricultural deliveries from Ukraine and Russia, which remain one of Europe’s breadbaskets, Farm to Fork, if implemented, would mechanically lead to a price explosion for the most basic product.

Food misery and energy misery: We cannot blame environmentalists for keeping their intentions a mystery.