Etxeondo introduced its new spring/summer 2022 collection.


Sticking to its philosophy of seeking the best balance between performance, design and durability, the Basque manufacturer offers a collection full of innovations. The collection is built on three main blocks targeting three types of users with three different approaches to cycling.

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In the words of Amaia Rodrigo, Head of Design at Etxeondo:We tried to create a collection that adapts to different types of users, different needs and different approaches to cycling. Based on the latest sports design trends, we wanted to go a little further than the others and offer the wearer something new. Obviously, while maintaining the characteristic style of Etxeondo. It is also worth noting that we continue to use new colors by adding continuity to last year’s aesthetics.“.

Categories: Professional, Endurance, Basics

The collection is based on three main series levels for three users with three different approaches to cycling: The Pro series uses all technology and materials developed to innovate performance-oriented and professional cycling. The Endurance series is the more adventurous and more relaxed series that best represents the ‘new bike’. Finally, the Essentials series, which best represents Etxeondo quality, is adapted to current trends and fashion.

Main innovations: best seller orhi

Among all the new features, the Orhi/Olaia bib shorts have been completely redesigned, in all their versions, using a new pattern for a more comfortable feel and a perfect fit. Brand new colors and embroideries on the bib shorts are also worth mentioning. “The Orhi and Olaia bib shorts have been completely redesigned. Thanks to a new pattern and fitted cut, we got bib shorts that offer a more comfortable feeling. A second skin for the wearer looking for a better anatomical fit while wearing the garment. In addition, the new straps adapt better to the anatomy. They are softer and seamless, thus eliminating any risk of rubbing or irritation on the skin. As for the mountain chamois, we continue with Urraki and Angliru.“, explains Amaia Rodrigo, Head of Design at Etxeondo.

Mendi Jersey
age jersey
Orhi shorts

In terms of jerseys, the main innovation is the introduction of Ero/Era Superdry products. It has been created for users seeking greater comfort when traveling by bike. The Mendi jersey, which has been redesigned as fabric and pattern, has been added to the women’s catalog under the name Mendia with new colors. KOM/KOMA shorts have also been completely overhauled. These garments were the subject of a fabric-level innovation and provided better compression of the muscles during cycling practice. All this thanks to the new elastic, which fits the body perfectly, and the more flexible straps that prevent uncomfortable friction on the skin.

Mendia Jersey

About Etxeondo

A family business founded in 1976, dedicated to the design and manufacture of clothing for cyclists. Its main goal is to offer the best investment in cycling clothing on the market. The design philosophy for this is to find the perfect balance between design, performance and durability. The entire production process is carried out at the company’s premises.

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