Evadict presents its new 100% women’s Trail suit


February 23, 2022 at 13:28

The start of the year is an opportunity for different teams to announce new hires and sometimes marks the creation of new Teams. On January 27, 2022, DecathlonAnnouncing the birth of a new 100% women’s team with the Trail Evadict brand!

It all started in 2020, when the Evadict brand was created by Decathlon. Directed by Olivier Laboussole, Evadict wants to grow fast and build his notoriety. In July 2021, during a conversation with Thierry Breuil, Kalenji product manager and five-time mountain running world championship medalist, the idea to launch a 100% female Team was born. ” During the exchanges, the idea came from Thierry: “What if we make a 100% female Team?”. I knew right away that it was a brilliant idea, admits Olivier Laboussole. Why ? I’ve been convinced for a while that our sport will become more feminine, but the turn has not yet begun: less than 25% of practitioners have their psychological brakes still attached to our very patriarchal style of society. I also believe that women do not stand out enough in sports (…) Finally, I am convinced that this sport is perfectly suited for women who are more resilient and better develop the art of effort management. In the long run. With this initiative, we invite all women who want to take their first steps in track running to join our community. A cheerful, friendly community open to all, regardless of their origin and social class! »

Blandine L’Hirondel headliner

An unprecedented navy of ten women, Blandine L’Hirondelis overseen by Philippe Propage, trail running world champion and former coach of the French Trail Running team. ” We want to tell the stories of women (some of them mothers) with busy lives and schedules. A life punctuated by training and sports competitions. We will introduce real stories of women, real sportswomen. And of course, we want to design the products of the future with these 10 Trail enthusiasts. From equipment It is designed to meet the expectations of women in the best way. And this prospect of collaboration is very exciting for our project teams. Blandine L’Hirondel, double French mountain running champion (2020-2021), who was called up to join the Team for the first time, will accompany nine other famous athletes in the collective until 2025:

  • Marie Dohin : 1. Méribel Trail 2021, 1. Integrale des Causses 2016, France Long March Champion by team 2016
  • Celine Finas : 1st place of UT4M Challenge 2021, 1st place of EDF Cenis Tour 2019
  • Melanie Finas : 1. Pyrenees Tour Trail 2019, Long Trail 2019 vice-champion, 2. Endurance Trail des Templiers 2019
  • Clementine Geoffray : Eleventh at the 2019 Trail World Championships, 2018 vice-champion of France on the Trail court, 2020 vice-champion of France in mountain running
  • Laurie Phai : Trail d’Angkor four-time winner in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Jade Rodriguez : Bronze medal at Junior Mountain Running World Championships, 2020 French Junior Mountain Running Champion, 2019 French Junior Mountain Running Champion
  • Adeline Roche : 2017 France Mountain Running Champion, 2018 Trail Team World Vice Champion, 2019 Team Trail World Champion
  • Camille Three Monnier : 1. Trail du Bout du Monde 2019, 1. Hiking Trail from Nantes to Montaigu 2019 and 2021
  • sarah old : Double French Trail champion (2017 and 2019), 2nd in Templiers 2018.

Text: Emeline Pichon
Photo credit: EVADICT