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What is the impact of covid for travelers in Tunisia? What do you need to travel to Tunisia? Have there been any protocol changes? TourMaG explains everything to you. (Updated 06/03/2022)

Covid Tunisia: What's the latest travel news?  - Depositphotos Author
Covid Tunisia: What's the latest travel news?  - Depositphotos Author

Covid Tunisia: What’s the latest travel news? – Depositphotos Author

Restrictions due to the covid pandemic in Tunisia are being relaxed.

This flagship destination for French travelers is always opening up a little more to tourists!

Vaccine, covid test, health certificate… What kind of protocol is required to travel in Tunisia with peace of mind?

Covid Tunisia: which protocol for vaccinated travelers?

Vaccinated passengers over the age of 18 to travel to Tunisia, available Certification of full vaccination programs against Covid-19.

They will also need to apply for random screening tests to be performed on arrival.

Note that people who test positive will need to self-isolate for 5 days, which can be extended to 7 days if symptoms occur.

Covid Tunisia: What about unvaccinated travelers

Travelers, including those over 18 years of age, unvaccinated or with an incomplete vaccination schedule, who have only received a single dose of vaccine (for two-shots), must comply with various precautions.

They must present A negative PCR test for Covid-19 with a QR codeless than 48 hours before first boarding, or Antigen test (TDR-Ag) negative, QR code performed in less than 24 hours before boarding the first flight (self-tests are not recognized).

Vaccinated passengers may also undergo a random screening test upon arrival.

From 27 May 2022, a 5-day self-quarantine is not required for unvaccinated foreign visitors over the age of 18. or those who have not completed the vaccination schedule, arriving in Tunisia.

Skip it, test it… what about the kids?

Passengers under the age of 18 are exempt from mandatory testing or vaccination.

Do I need a health card in public places?

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs states in the “Advice to travelers” section that all persons over the age of 18 require a vaccination card to enter public places.

The European health card is recognized by the Tunisian authorities.

Tunisia classified as green by France

France classified Tunisia in green. Green countries are areas or regions where active circulation of the virus has not been observed and no cause of concern has been identified.

Passengers aged twelve and over who do not have a full vaccination schedule or a Covid-19 recovery certificate must present it prior to travel. to return to France A negative result of a PCR test older than 72 hours or an antigen (TAG) test older than 48 hours.

To travel to Tunisia: ID or passport?

Travelers should carry passport in the verification process Traveling to Tunisia. They do not need a visa for stays less than 3 months.

Valid national ID card with travel book issued by the agency is tolerated for group travel.

But be careful, as this relaxation sometimes does not apply and therefore it is advisable to have a valid passport even when traveling in a group through an agency or tour operator.

Find the latest news about Tunisia

Fram convenes its Embassies in Nabeul, Tunisia

FRAM held a seminar for the FRAM Embassies in Nabeul, Tunisia from March 31 to April 3, 2022. About forty participants were present.

FTI Voyages gains momentum in Tunisia

FTI Voyages is gaining momentum in Tunisia. The tour operator consists of 130 hotels at the destination (33 hotels in Djerba, 12 hotels in Mahdia, 5 hotels in Medenine, 43 hotels in Nabeul, 34 hotels in Sousse and 3 hotels in Tunisia) and air stocks in Djerba. will present a portfolio of products. , Monastery and Tunisia.

Transavia opens new flights to Tunisia

On the strength of this relaxation, airlines such as Transavia, which have just announced the launch of two new routes from Marseille for the summer season, are expanding their flight schedules.

From 17 July and 29 March 2022, Transavia will open new routes Marseille – Monastir and Marseille – Tunis, respectively.

Tickets are already on sale.

The Marseille – Monastir line will operate up to 1 flight per week. Marseille – Tunis line will be operated up to 2 times a week.

Interactive map of green, orange and red countries: