Evil cotton spinner British star Emma Raducanu


15.00, 26 June 2022

It would be an understatement to say that British tennis fans are happily approaching two weeks. Stuttgart finalist Andy Murray remade the icing at the right time just before his 14th Wimbledon. And then there’s Emma Raducanu’s second, which is seen as a sweet promise. A year ago, a tearful teenage girl rocked the country as she left Center Court, the victim of respiratory problems in the last 16 of a tournament that had just opened the victory counter. Previously, very quickly, bluffing the world by blowing at the US Open.

It’s not a set lost on the road to victory, and historical reminders: the first Briton to win a Grand Slam in forty-four years, the first player to qualify for such a party. According to the BBC, it’s what pushed him to become the sports personality of the year at just 19, ahead of boxer Tyson Fury or football player Raheem Sterling. Exquisite game, sun face. A star was born.

Emma Raducanu slimming down tomorrow

If the reading of the WTA rankings (11th vs. 338th on the same date last year) doesn’t give away the fairy tale, now a subtitle makes its mark: Emma Raducanu’s tomorrow falters. Simply put, he hasn’t won more than two games in a row. The body didn’t always put it on its own, again this month forcing him to limit his preparations on the turf to seven games by Nottingham side.

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But it’s the behind-the-scenes returns that raise questions above all else. One coach was fired after the revelation at Wimbledon, another after the New York blessing, and the third at the end of April. Princess truth? During his brief stint at Roland-Garros (round 2) he admitted: “I make a lot of decisions for myself. I can be stubborn when I believe in something. In this case, I have no limit. »

Entry ticket to sponsor Raducanu is estimated at 1 million euros

The most treacherous will say that there is nothing on the marketing side either. The source of the wins may have dried up, but the sponsors’ tap is still flowing for this only executive girl in town, a Romanian and a Chinese. Not really the SME category: Last week, HSBC joined Dior, Porsche, Vodafone, Evian, British Airways and even Tiffany & Co., among others. All were delighted to be exposed in front of their 2.4 million Instagram subscribers. US Open. The entrance ticket is estimated to be at least 1 million Euros.

Since the spring, the distance from sporting and monetary curves has fueled the shortcut: the young lady was going to disperse. He finds it unfair. “You can see me signing this or that contract on social media or elsewhere, but that’s misleading. I’m posting on my way to the club and it means I’m suddenly not focused on tennis. »​

McEnroe’s approval

That’s why we have to deal with new expectations, sometimes with malicious glances: In February, a man who abused her in her home was handed a five-year ban from approaching her. The court in Bromley, on the outskirts of London, found the actor himself “Freedom was taken away from him and he had to constantly look over his shoulder”. The young woman is secretive about her private life, but it didn’t take long for the celebrity press to write about her. Recently, by inviting Fabio Quartararo under the pretext of vague posts on Instagram and his passion for speed and mechanics. He swears that the horizon is not blurred.

“I know what I’m doing, he reassured in Nottingham this month. I’m 19 and I’ve already won a Grand Slam, so I take the time to work things out because I know my motivation hasn’t changed. » Andy Murray, as an older brother “don’t judge him too harshly”. And as an expert, John McEnroe, to be careful: “He’s a great talent. It would be ridiculous to underestimate him at Wimbledon.” As of Monday, the first element of the response against Belgium’s Alison Van Uytvanck is more dangerous than her ranking (46th).