Explosion in Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque: what we know about the fire that killed at least 8 people

The explosion and flames destroyed at least eleven apartments.
The explosion and flames destroyed at least eleven apartments. (© SDIS 66)

He’s definitely 1h32, On Monday, February 14, firefighters from SDIS 66 warned by several people. A big explosion had just exploded three buildings and multiple ten circles, Arago and Lamartine streets, in the city center of the municipality Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque (Pyrenees of the East). The explosion may have started from two businesses on the ground floor: a grocery store and a barbecue.

When help arrived, three were found with minor injuries.

When they arrived at the scene, 1h50, saviors have to deal with something severe fire. this Flames had just occupied all the relevant buildings, all three levels (ground floor + two floors).

Very quickly, SAMU, who was also on the field, confirmed the existence of at least one. three injured For some, burns on various parts of the body. Their condition requires transfer to the Saint-Pierre clinic in Perpignan, all well. relative urgency : a 52 year old mana 42 years old female and one 16 year old teenager.

A man defends himself to escape the flames

The health status of a fourth person 27 year old manwas a particular concern for the emergency services at that time. The latter was seriously injured by falling, as well as by flames, on the one hand. Indeed, according to many eyewitnesses, the man must have jumped from the first floor to escape the flames.

Situation absolutely urgent He was taken to Perpignan hospital, then to CHU Lapeyronie in Montpellier. According to the latest news, his health status was as follows: extremely worrying and her vital prognosis still engaged.

The explosion occurred in these two neighboring businesses.
The explosion occurred in these two neighboring businesses. (© SDIS 66)

According to the firefighters’ initial plan, 27 victims were counted in eleven flats

While the 85 firefighters mobilized are responding to the flames, they are also preparing a fire plan. eleven circles anxious. According to the information provided, they estimate the number of victims in these homes at 27.

Among them, four injured evacuated, as well 19 others. The injured were evacuated without injury. rural house a few hundred meters from the city. A psychological cell It will be open to accompany them a little later in the morning.

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Four people are missing, other unaware people were there

According to initial assessment, emergency services are facing four residents not found. And after fighting the fire all night, shortly after 8:30 am, the research work began. Firefighters quickly first dead body On the first floor of a building located on Rue Lamartine. The age and gender of this first victim have yet to be determined.

Two more bodies were found in the neighboring building, shortly after 9 am. A man and a woman With them from unknown ages, a body dog The dead are also discovered by the emergency services. The balance sheet thus rises to three deads, but the latter is very ephemeral.

The balance sheet rising on Tuesday, February 15: 8 deaths, including 2 children, 1 seriously injured, 3 slightly injured, 26 more including

Fire crews discovered it an hour later two additional trunks inside rubble, On the second floor of a building on Rue Arago. Also an unidentified and age unknown man and a woman.

Emergency services later find out that there are uninformed people in the apartments. victims. A few people who did not live in these buildings had probably decided to spend the night here with their relatives.

The death toll has risen to five and will rise again around 11 p.m., with the discovery of two consecutive bodies of children. one baby related to gender unknown and one Boy, age between two and six yearsdied in the fire. balance sheet now seven deaths seriously wounded, three lightly injured and 26 people were involved but uninjured. One person is still missing.

85 firefighters from Pyrénées-Orientales fought the flames last night.
85 firefighters from Pyrénées-Orientales fought the flames last night. (© Emilien Vicens/Actu Perpignan)

Gérald Darmanin: “This assessment is inconclusive”

This balance will stay temporary For at least a few days and for good reason, firefighters were unable to access all of the affected apartments. One’s floor has collapsed, and many structures are in danger of collapsing.

“This assessment is inconclusive”, recalled the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin this Monday afternoon. “A much more sensitive research phase is about to begin,” confirmed Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Trani is the head of the operational group at SDIS 66.

An open investigation confirmed the existence of gas cylinders

Finally, district attorney from Perpignan Jean-David Cavaille announced that it opened this morning investigation for ” arson resulting in death”. Second, he reminded that there was no element in the process to confirm whether this was an accident or a voluntary act.

On the other hand, a few hours later, the prosecutor announced the “hypothesis of the existence of the Republic”. gas bottles or gas cylinder “ The tragedy was confirmed at the scene. This might explain the nature of the explosion. For real reasons, the investigation is still in its infancy.

On Tuesday, February 15, a new body was found in the wreckage. The number of people who lost their lives in this disaster rose to eight.

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