FAAPA organizes a training seminar on sports journalism in Rabat


FAAPA organizes a training seminar on sports journalism in Rabat

Monday, May 23, 2022 11:31

Rabat – The Atlantic Federation of African News Agencies (FAAPA) is holding a training seminar on “Mastery of techniques for the good practice of sports journalism” for the benefit of more than twenty people from 23 to 27 May in Rabat. Journalists from African press agencies.

Held at the African Journalism Training Center (CAFJ), MAP headquarters, this training seminar is led and supervised by professional journalists and trainers who are experts in sports media, who will accompany the participants for five days and share their experiences. and their thoughts on the challenges faced by sports journalists and the media.

This first-of-its-kind training seminar is part of the 2022 action plan approved by this pan-African federation’s Executive Council at its Dakar meeting last November.

Its main objectives are to develop the capacity of sports journalists to better address issues related to the coverage of important national, regional and international sporting events, to promote the performance and productivity of sports journalists when reporting and covering sports news, and to promote the exchange of information. To experience and consolidate the capacity of journalists to produce innovative content in the field of sports information, while respecting the principles of professional ethics and journalistic ethics.

Speaking at the opening ceremony on Monday, FAAPA Secretary-General, Mr Mohamed Anis, noted that African press agencies are urged to contribute actively to the advancement of African sports information and increasingly be in tune with the fundamental changes that characterize the field. Knowing that the Covid-19 pandemic is having a heavy impact on the media industry.

In this sense, Mr. Anis stated that this training seminar led to the establishment of a network of sports journalists from African press agencies, like other professional platforms affiliated with FAAPA, that he wanted him to take to the Chief Information Officers Forum, IT Managers. Network and the Network of Women Leaders.

Celebrated with the participation of MAP executives, this seminar’s supervisors, and national and African journalistic personalities, other speakers at the opening ceremony emphasized that this initiative expresses awareness of the role and importance of education in the development of any work organization, with particular emphasis on FAAPA’s educational efforts.

They also stressed the importance of this training given the development of information technology, which requires journalists to adapt and improve their knowledge and work tools, adding that it is also a networking opportunity for the participants.

This training through planned workshops, “Sports journalism techniques and practice”, “Sport journalism in the digital age”, “Sports and socio-economic development issues”, “Sports and communicative and cultural” and ” Deontology and professional ethics of sports journalist”.

The axes of this training are divided into various questions and themes, especially the professional challenges of sports journalism, the writing and characteristics of sports journalism, the concepts and mastery of fashionable jargon in sports journalism, new concepts and digital. methods of collecting, processing and disseminating sports information, identifying opportunities to develop sports information on the web, and mastering techniques for writing and disseminating sports information for the web.

At the same time, it is about determining the user expectations for the production of relevant sports information on the Internet, the sports press as an economic and advertising reality, the new business model for sports media, the profitability of a sports media organ, the relations between the sports press and media organizations. economic and political world, the impact of the sports sector on the socio-economic development of African countries or the concept and difficulties of sports management.

The participants of this training seminar, supervised by journalist Mamadou Salif Diallo, head of the sports department of the Senegal Press Agency (APS) and Magloire Gnaé Oulidehi, the editorial director of the newspaper “Le Sport”, will have the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with famous names. Moroccan journalism veterans Najib Salmi, Belaid Bouimid and Mohammed Berrada, as well as journalists such as Morad Moutaouakkil, Hicham El Khlifi.