Fearless and not ugly world by Hoda Baalbaki

Hoda Baalbaki is returning to the exhibitions, presenting her latest collection until July 10 at Art on the 56th, after 7 years, partly due to the closure of the Alwane gallery where she works, as well as for more personal and family reasons. pictures aptly named “The Cosmic Citizen’s Journey”*. Because, contrary to what the title implies, his new mixed-media series on canvas has nothing to do with the intergalactic universe. On the contrary, it reveals a joyful saraband of purely terrestrial pastoral landscapes.

With broad naive, expressionistic and abstract lines, representations of fields, meadows and groves, punctuated by tiny houses here and there, are inspired by the memory the artist, who is a globally native of Adaïssé (South Lebanon), has kept hidden from his home village.

Brilliant paintings resulting from the fusion of his memory and imagination. And it is built by superimposing large layers of color, creating an ever-changing mosaic of overlapping pieces intersecting with dynamic lines. Richly textured canvases by Hoda Baalbaki detailing herself to escape the daily life that has been eroded by fear, instability and pain over the past two years.

Brilliant paintings that emerge from the fusion of Hoda Baalbaki’s memory and imagination. Photo Doctor

A free brush

“In a suffocating environment overwhelmed by crises and the global pandemic, I took refuge in my art, my memories, my creative universe to find the way to optimism, resilience and hope,” the artist says. Drawing from a bright and sparkling color palette, she set out to discover the essence of happiness and inner joy in her canvases. “This ecstasy that emerges despite the darkness of the present in those who know how to grasp the cosmic beauty (hence the title?) disguised as a flower, tree, or house,” he says.

This ecstasy, which he managed to rediscover himself after a long journey full of difficulties and difficulties, injects parts of his subjective experience into the series of mixed techniques he offers. This gives his compositions a visual vein of the personal diary, which gives something poignant and refers to the universality of human emotions in the face of the magic of nature and childhood memories. “In this series, Hoda Baalbaki has unleashed the imagination, which frees up brushstrokes to produce semi-abstract yet expressive compositions,” says new gallery owner Noha Moharram. Indeed, the landscapes presented by this painter, who always prefers the representation of nature to other themes, this time offer a new vibration and optical fluidity to the gaze.

Like a renewed faith in a life and world that is not fearless and ugly…

Visiting Card

Born in 1968 in Beirut, Hoda Baalbaki graduated from the Lebanese University Fine Arts Institute in 1995.

He participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Lebanon and the Middle East.

He is a member of the Lebanese Plastic Artists Union and received the first prize from the Hariri Alumni Association for two consecutive years in 2002 and 2003.

*Hoda Baalbaki’s “The Journey of the Cosmic Citizen” is at Art at Gemmayzé 56th gallery until 10 July.

Hoda Baalbaki is returning to the exhibitions after a 7-year hiatus, partly due to the closure of the Alwane gallery where she works, as well as for more personal and family reasons, presenting her latest collection at Art on 56th until July 10. paintings, singularly baptized “A Cosmic Citizen’s Journey” * (Voyage d’un citoyen…