Fitbit wants to fight sedentary lifestyle


Fitbit launches mass awareness campaign against physical inactivity

According to a new report by the World Health Organization, 59% of adults and about one in three children in Europe are overweight or obese. These rates have reached epidemic proportions recognized by WHO and continue to climb in contrast to the WHO’s global target to halt the rise in obesity by 2025.

Recent research conducted for Fitbit by the Ifop survey institute has shown that French behavior towards physical activity is strongly influenced by the recent health crisis and the resulting increase in sedentary lifestyles. 43% of respondents said they did less physical activity in 2021, compared to only 15% who said they moved more during the same period.

Fitbit takes action against sedentary lifestyle

Although 22% of French people see physical activity as a priority for taking care of themselves in 2022, putting this good decision into practice can sometimes be difficult due to a lack of time or resources.

Faced with this observation, Fitbit is launching its first public awareness campaign in the coming weeks. Titled “Fitbit French Awakens,” the brand seeks to encourage the population to move and get active to compensate for their lack of physical activity.

In order to run and popularize this campaign, Fitbit will be accompanied by 7 professional sports coaches, including the famous dancer and choreographer Emmanuelle Berne, as well as 4 professionals from the healthcare industry such as sophrologist Marie Job or a doctor. specialist in neuroscience, connected objects.

Fitbit’s goal with this campaign is to raise awareness and help its community succeed. 150 minutes of moderate activity (or 75 minutes of vigorous activity) per week recommended by the WHO. This indicator has been available on most Fitbit connected objects since the Charge 4 bracelet was released in April 2020.
It has been scientifically proven that‘Regular physical activity facilitates the prevention and management of NCDssuch as heart disease or diabetes. It also helps prevent hypertension, maintain a healthy body weight, and improve mental health, quality of life, and well-being.

Fitbit sedentary campaign

Communication in social networks

The first phase of communication will take place online from May 16-29 on Fitbit France’s Instagram account. 14-day fitness challenge will be presented by Fitbit’s partner trainersto discover new exercises, new disciplines and take action: dance, sleeve, walking, muscle strengthening, yoga, etc.

Every 3 days, these physical exercises will be interspersed with advice from health professionals to learn more about the role and benefits of physical activity on the body, as well as how to implement new habits and changes in your body on a daily basis. Those who participate in these different challenges will have the opportunity to earn a bracelet or Fitbit connected watch every day by sharing these tips with #FitbitReveilleLesFrancais on social networks.

A public event

Phase two of this campaign will culminate in a public physical event in partnership with Running Heroes, an online platform that brings together the largest community of runners in France.

On June 18, Fitbit will present an event to the public during 2-hour sessions in the heart of Paris to explore the benefits of connected watches through fitness sessions and wellness workshops. These workshops will be led by Fitbit’s partner health experts and fitness coaches who will also introduce you to the brand’s ecosystem.
4 free sessions with 20 participants will be open to the public. Recordings will take place on the Running Heroes website from May 23. Fitbit will also gain 20 spots for its community on its social networks during the same period.