Football/Ligue 2. When FC Sochaux owner Nenking shared his big projects with “Parigots de Sochaux”


“Parigots de Sochaux”, a segment of FCSM’s supporters that have grown over the years, were awarded a massive privilege Friday during their GA, when their president, Lionel Maugain, was re-elected for an additional year. “As part of our meeting, I invited FC Sochaux general manager Samuel Laurent to start some discussions. And then, to our great surprise, he not only had the courtesy to respond to our request, but above all he decided to join a very good company via videoconference. Surrounded by FCSM president Frankie Yau and Steven Zhong, son of Nai Xiong Zhong, who is also the owner of the club. Fan of sports and especially esports, Steven Zhong is a board member of FC Sochaux. “Parigots de Sochaux” measures the luck bestowed upon them. Since it was not taboo, the quartet (because there was also sports activities director Benoît Delon) only talked about the big projects of the club.

A performance center in three years

Precision, Nenking representatives have been at the Pays de Montbéliard for a few days (after Daf, the summer transfer window and the transition before DNCG on 23 June) to discuss the very near future of the club. “We learned or confirmed that Nenking has really big long-term plans in Sochaux. For example, to build a performance center on the estate in Pays de Montbéliard, within three years, with ideas about where they want to propose to the PMA according to future negotiations. According to the court “They explained to us that the castle where the training center is currently located is not suitable for future projects in their opinion and will only serve as the headquarters for women’s football. They went to Reims, Saint-Étienne and Monaco last winter to get an idea of ​​what was being done elsewhere.”

Getting to Ligue 1 at the end of the season… with Pélissier and a great striker?

As for sports projects, these also came up widely: “We heard that there was a desire to get to Ligue 1 at the end of the season and stay there. We could also understand that the coach’s most serious circuit, plan A, was on the Lorient side. That’s why Christophe Pelissier (whose possible arrival we talked about recently) even though no name was given. And there was a good plan B, if there was one… And then, a priori, it seems very good for them to have a great center.”

What good news indeed. This confirms the comments Frankie Yau gave us when he arrived in Sochaux in early December on Nenking’s genuine desire to invest long-term.

Other episodes of surprise fans

This video conference, given exclusively to “Parigots de Sochaux”, raised some questions, even a bit of anger, in other sections of FCSM fans who were already aware. ” Got it. We were lucky. I was surprised too. At any rate, Samuel Laurent, who made an equally nice gesture for this very nice moment and to facilitate our arrival in the playoffs for the match from Paris in Auxerre, especially the one who paid for the trip,” I really thank you very much.

That’s how it is, the leaders of FCSM have chosen a somewhat surprising style of communication. The main thing is that they work for a bright future for the club. Obviously, it is. From now on, he is a manager in line with the club’s ambitions and a snoring transfer window to move up in Ligue 1.