For the French press, Emmanuel Macron takes the “advantage” and Marine Le Pen is “in shock”

“The Macron advantage” bar someone Southwest, “Macron raid, Le Pen in shock”, Self Le Figaro, Thursday, April 21. The day after the two-round debate between the outgoing president and the National Rally candidate, the press gives Emmanuel Macron a slight advantage, even though the two candidates are able to present two visions of France, according to newspapers. . In a calmer climate than 2017.

>> Things to remember from the duel between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron:

The media underline the good performance of the stock markets, in contrast to the recent duel between the two candidates in 2017, when Marine Le Pen missed the exercise. But your editor FigaroVincent Trémolet de Villers, clue “An acquired and enduring legitimacy of Emmanuel Macron”.

“No circus plays, no provocation by Marine Le Pen, no overcompetence of Emmanuel Macron despite ‘You say something!'” Comforting Jean-Marcel Bouguereau Republic of the Pyreneesalso by giving a good score to the Head of State who left his post. “technique”.

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For World, Marine Le Pen gave the impression that he would never be able to return to the starting line as his vicious opponent struggled not to err on the side of confidence.. The evening newspaper, the head of state boa constrictor who “it was like he was slowly squeezing his opponent until he choked”.

The three-hour exchange led to many matches. Le Parisien/Today in France Emmanuel preserves Macron’s: “When you talk to Putin, you talk to your banker”to supplement the title with a “Macron on offense, Le Pen on defense”.

“Five years after their first duel, the scenario is reversed but the result is the same. The resigned president prevailed. For the second time.”Cécile analyzes Cornudet Les Echos believes Emmanuel Macron ‘smashed’ National Rally candidate’s project.

In 2017, everyone remembered a tired and lost Marine Le Pen in their files. “It turned out much better. But he didn’t knock the table: his opponent didn’t lose the game”Judge Patrice Chabanet Haute-Marne Magazine. Release seems more severe. “Still not equal”The left flank makes headlines every day in a close-up photo of Marine Le Pen looking into space.

“Contradictory and ambiguous in many areas, Marine Le Pen, combative and moderate, showed the limits of the exercise”Abundant in Olivier Biscaye free lunchAccording to Emmanuel Macron “somewhat sure of it” however “aggressive and sensitive”has “He won the first round” before Sunday’s vote.

However, according to the media, neither of the two candidates won by knockout. Presidential candidate dismissed “especially empty bullets”Underlines Michel Klekowicki Lorraine RepublicanMarine Le Pen showing off “police” according to this the sound of the north.

“Thanks for this moment”in the editorial, Frédéric Vézard dares Latest News from Alsacehappy to join “open discussion” or “Two visions of France met in the open air”. Played by colleague Laurent Bodin Alsatian minute “long and intense, a bit boring at first in terms of purchasing power but in the end it’s really instructive if not exciting”.

Like this couple sitting in front of their front page TV. West FranceThe French joined “two opposing views”makes daily headlines. The debate succeeded in its mission to expose the oppositions and highlight the dividing lines between the two candidates. “Two Frances” (Corsican Morning) Where “All The Opposites” (Unity and the Ardennes) then impose themselves in the regional press, often restricted to an hour’s closing before the end of the program.