France/Saturday 2 July: Ninety beach clubs including Canet-en-Roussillon open their doors for a new season in partnership with Le Journal de Mickey


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Ninety clubs in seventy-three cities on the coast of France will open their doors at the start of the summer break. This year, too, club managers have done everything possible to welcome the children and offer them and their families sports activities throughout the summer.

A new season in perspective

Since 1935 and the founding of the first club in La Baule, just nine months after the appearance of the Journal de Mickey, Beach Clubs in partnership with Beach Clubs Mickey’s Diary They are legendary in the collective imagination. Beach Clubs have always been places where sporting events are held for eighty-seven years, at that time they had principals, schools and sports teachers.

True symbols of the heirs of holidays and paid holidays, they annually welcome about 400,000 children. Again this year, no less than 725 activity leaders will supervise children and their families at various beach clubs to enjoy activities, competitions and physical tests in complete safety. This will be an opportunity for many children to practice swimming: close to 70 clubs have swimming pools, where they can learn to swim with government-approved lifeguards.

Lots of partners as usual.

Camille and MaxIntroduced in 2020, the new mascots once again reflect the spirit of Beach Clubs in partnership with Le Journal de Mickey. Around these two players and the daredevil, at least twelve partners are participating in the success of Beach Clubs this year as well. The most faithful are still and always there: Disney Junior, Avène, Plus Plus, Delcourt, Soleil, Candy Up, Pasquier, French Judo Federation (FFJ) and Recreation School. Two more new partners round out this compelling list: suletfor outdoor games and Polaroidwill equip all club directors and entertainers with sunglasses.

without forgetting Tara Ocean FoundationThis year, it will again present events on both the ocean theme and the protection of this fragile environment, as well as an environmental charter prepared in partnership with the group. Unique Heritage Media and signed by all administrators. It comes in the form of a guide to good environmental practices to help managers and facilitators limit the environmental impact of their activities.

Goals? Save water, better manage the consumption of fossil fuels used by clubs (especially electricity used to heat swimming pools or other inflatable devices) and reduce daily waste.

In addition, approximately 110,000 cartons of milk, 96,000 cupcakes and hundreds of Avène sunscreen and after-sun milk will be distributed this summer.

in partnership with Beach Clubs Mickey’s Diary and their partners are ready to welcome the kids with the program this summer: sports, reading, educational games, snacks and lots of smiles!

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