Free Wheel Cyclo in AG


For this new general assembly of the recently held Cyclo Roue Libre, 70 members were physically present and 22 officials approved the progress of the meeting.

President Charles Wilmouth greeted the mayor of Bernac-Dessus, Joel Cazedebat, and thanked him for always welcoming the CRL at town hall.

After a forgettable 2020 year completed by a virtual AG, the office finally found its members with great pleasure for a regular 2021 meeting. The year was marked by a pandemic again due to the coronavirus, with reduced activity imposed by health restrictions, including a 3rd incarceration.

Morale, activity and financial reports were submitted to the parliament and approved.

Sport activities.

The summer and the second half saw an almost normal sporting improvement and brought great relief to the club. CRL continued its desire to get good attendance for Wednesday and Saturday outings as club outings were canceled or rare in the 2nd half. The office, as every year, ensured that vice-president Gérard Daubas’ tracks were respected with the best possible attendance. The male/female ratio (around 30%) remains a source of great pride, and the e-bike group of around ten members remains dynamic and shows great participation. It’s fun to watch it roll.

The diversity and promotion of women’s cycling tourism remains the main goal of the CRL, along with the participation of couples promoting greater presence on the various trips.

Safety, caution and respect for highway rules have been meticulously applied. “Especially as we are a club with a large workforce we must remain vigilant and our pelotons must not be a hindrance to traffic”.

This instructions 2022 because the club will stay the same. Office meetings reduced to 4 but still productive and friendly.

New outfits were distributed to members who ordered, and the CRL reintroduced the principle of participation in cyclosports and the rides often associated with them.


Four members stepped forward and congratulated the Pyrenees. The club accompanied TCI (tour de France cyclo) on 28 August and saw the participation of 4 women from the 5th group in the women’s rally under the auspices of Codep on 11 and 12 September.

The club raise was unfortunately postponed like the others.

The office supported the Telethon with the help of the municipality of Bernac-Dessus, and if the weather had played a bad game, members’ donations for the sports section were €1160. An appointment has been made with the municipality for 2022.

Despite the context of the health crisis and a sign of the CRL’s notoriety, the club has reviewed and approved the arrival of 8 new candidates. The club will have 106 members in 2022, including 30 women and 17 couples.

A year because of this, still damaged in friendly meetings, but rich in driver and desire to keep the club alive. So on September 9, the CRL members were finally able to come together in a meeting, and above all to celebrate the birthday of their dean, Fernand Labat (shhh, 90 years old!).

Financial report.

Regarding the financing, the accounts prepared by the treasurer José Fonséca (who was sincerely thanked for his careful management) were unanimously approved by the assembly. The club subscription, which was kept at 17 € for 2022, will increase to 18 € for 2023. This point was the subject of a certain vote. The office also confirmed the policy of holding a garage sale in Bernac-Dessus in 2023.


The renewal of the office was voted unanimously. Therefore, the structure of the office would be as follows: Anne-Marie Dubarry, Nicole Wilmouth, José Fonséca, Serge Mazet, Gérard Abadia, Gérard Daubas, Christian Gendre, Patrick Lafon, Thierrry Mailharo and Charles Wilmouth. The entire assembly gathered around a friendly drink offered by its dean!