French coordination of international sport


Roxana MARACINEANU reactivates the French coordination of International Sport

On the occasion of the 2021 UCI Track Cycling World Championships held in Roubaix, the Minister of Sports, Delegate Roxana MARACINEANU, formally established the new coordination of French international sport (formerly CFSI) in the presence of CNOSF president Brigitte HENRIQUES. and Guillaume DELBAR, mayor of Roubaix.

Created in 2013 with the support of Valérie FOURNEYRON, this collaborative body made it possible to lay the foundations for France’s victory for the 2024 Paris Games.

Roxana MARACINEANU wanted to reactivate this coordination area from 2019. After initial joint work by CNOSF’s general management and the ministry’s inspectorate general, the minister commissioned the Inter-ministerial Delegation for Major International Sporting Events to conduct an analysis of the strategies. The international actors of French sport identify the points of convergence and the elements of progress, and finally make strategic recommendations in terms of sporting impact, the strategy of hosting major events, the international impact of the Sport Economy and Cooperation sector. The report also formulates recommendations regarding the format and management of the new structure.

On the strength of these recommendations and after an in-depth discussion with all players in French sport, the Minister gathered all stakeholders for the first time on Friday, 22 October to share the results of the report and discuss the main areas. In terms of the Paris 2024 Games, but above all, even more.

These stakeholders are the Ministry of Sport, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the French National Olympics and Sports Committee, the French Paralympics and Sports Committee, the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee, the National Sports Agency, the Union of Mayors. France, Business France, GIE France Sport Expertise, Union Sport et Cycle, union of Territoires for sporting events.

“The 2024 Games should not be the end, but a springboard into the future. I want us to better defend the interests of France in terms of influence in international sports organizations, the attractiveness of our region for important events, the conquest of new international markets for our companies. Therefore, in agreement with all stakeholders, I wanted to start work on a new approach to coordinate our international actions in terms of strategy to influence sport. It does not replace the prerogatives of our respective institutions, but empowers them to help us better share and make known to each other what we do, to pool our strengths and resources on common issues, in actions based on our coordination of relevance and efficiency; In short, to do better together. At a time when France is preparing for the Presidency of the European Union, this new tool will strengthen our country’s influence. » Roxana MARACINEANU, Delegate Minister for Sports

The list of 16 recommendations of the report on the new international coordination of French sport is as follows:

Suggestion 1:

Create an “International Domain – C2I” that brings together members of MENJS / CNOSF / CPSF / Sports Federations in an international action

Suggestion 2:

Build and stimulate a group of personalities with High International Potential (HPI) in conjunction with CNOSF, MEAE and the Executive School’s (MENJS) international ambition course

Suggestion 3:

International Federations (FIFA, IJF, ITTF, etc.)

Suggestion 4:

Establish a French relay in Lausanne to develop and better express the impact actions of the sports movement and French companies.

Suggestion 5:

Reposition the French at the head of the strategic and political bodies of the sporting Francophonie

Suggestion 6:

Reinvest overseas as elements of geopolitical mobilization

Suggestion 7:

Concentrating France’s international sports activities in 17 priority countries

Suggestion 8:

Strengthen and revive a skill network in diplomatic missions

Suggestion 9:

Consolidating GIE’s position as a leader in the economic sector according to JOP Paris 2024

Suggestion 10:

Implement new regulatory and legislative tools for French companies

Suggestion 11:

Develop a program for the promotion, economic meetings and impact of France on the occasion of the 2023 World Ski Championships, the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Suggestion 12:

Support the development of Global Week of Sports and expand it in priority countries

Recommendation 13:

Create a new GESI Nomination Committee to better support French sport’s strategic priorities when hosting major events

Suggestion 14:

Support new formats of sporting events

Suggestion 15:

To establish the French sport model, hold a State summit (DAVOS du Sport) on the sidelines of the Olympic Games and in accordance with the Paris agreements.

Suggestion 16:

Examine the opportunity and feasibility of a unifying event to leverage the momentum of Paris 2024 and define a new horizon for the next 10 years