French Cup Women, PSG – Yzeure LIVE

90.+1 (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): This meeting is over! PSG won the French Cup against Yzeure (8-0). Ashley Lawrence (12th, 58th) and Sara Dabritz (13th, 72nd) added a double, Marie-Antoinette Katoto hat-trick (3rd, 7th and 31st), while Paulina Dudek joined the celebration (9th).

90.+1 (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): Maelys Rousset replaces Dolores Tsadjia.

89. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): Yzeure players find themselves in front of the opponent’s penalty area but quickly lose the ball.


Parisians flew over the final to present themselves the 3rd trophy


87. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): Left wing-sought Sakina Karchaoui is out of control and the ball touches.

85. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): PSG spins the ball and manages it silently.

83. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): He faces Jordyn Huitema and PSG takes a new corner.

82. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): Nesrine Barka replaces Tifanie De Sousa for Yzeure.

81. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): A second change is in preparation for Yzeure.

79. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): For the moment, none of the newcomers to Paris have yet found the fault.

77. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): While there is time, PSG continues to kick the ball.

75. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): Another break at this meeting… and the game can go on.

73. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): In Yzeure, Rahel Steinschneider replaces Mafille Woedikou.

72. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-8): And eight! At the entrance of the penalty area, Sara Dabritz tricks Taylor Beitz with her left foot cross!

70. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): Yzeure should not delay before making its first changes.

68. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): PSG maintains its momentum and leaves only crumbs to its opponent.

66. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): After good direction, Jordyn Huitema tries his luck with his left foot, but catches the ball with Taylor Beitz.

65. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): PSG changed their offensive trio for this reason. The score can still increase.

63. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): Jordyn Huitema, Sandy Baltimore and Estelle Cascarino replace trio changers Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Kadidiatou Diani and Ramona Bachmann at PSG.

62. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): First changes are on the way.

60. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): At the entrance of the penalty area, Maelys Goumeziane takes her chances. Charlotte Voll can get the ball. First shot on target by Yzeure.

59. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-7): And seven! At the entrance of the penalty area, Ashley Lawrence swiped her ball with her left foot before she rolled and scored! Double for Canadian!

57. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Yzeure’s defense is taking no risks and gaining a new corner.

55. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Ramona Bachmann takes a well-placed free kick, but her right foot curling doesn’t surprise Taylor Beitz, who is holding the ball.

53. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Charlotte Voll caught the ball well in this first corner of Yzeure.

52. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): 4,996 people took their place in the stands.

50. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Marie-Antoinette Katoto tries her luck with a header inside the penalty area, but is caught by Taylor Beitz.

49. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): No change to report on break on either side.

47. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Announcement to PSG! Grace Geyoro shoots inside the box, but she hits the post!

46. ​​(Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): It’s time for the second term! The kick-off was made and Yzeure stepped in.

45.+2 (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Half time! PSG did well against Yzeure (0-6), thanks to goals from Marie-Antoinette Katoto (3rd, 7th and 31st), Paulina Dudek (9th), Ashley Lawrence (11th) and Sara Dabritz (13th). leader.

45. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): An additional one minute will be given.

44. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Just before the break, PSG continued its momentum and tried to make the mark worse.

42. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Seynabou Mbengue picks the shot from far away but goes back.

42. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): This corner is safe for the emerging Yzeure.

41. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): PSG gains a new corner.

39. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): After 2010 and 2018 PSG will therefore win the third Coupe de France.

37. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Parisians, not letting their opponents breathe, are forced to stay in their camps.

35. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Yzeure can do nothing and even lose balloons very quickly.

33. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): Marie-Antoinette Katoto is hitting hat tricks and there’s still plenty of time to play!

31. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-6): And six! Ashley Lawrence on the right sends a cross in front of goal. Completely forgotten, Marie-Antoinette Katoto scores with a header!

29. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): On the right, inside the box, Kadidiatou Diani wants to serve a partner, but this is loosened and Taylor Beitz falls on the ball.

28. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): Sara Dabritz takes a very good free kick, but her left kick is blocked perfectly by Taylor Beitz.

26. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): The ball remains at the feet of the Parisians, who are placed in the opposing camp.

24. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): The game can now continue.

23. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): First cool break in this meeting.

22. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): PSG takes a new corner, but this time Yzeure is revealed.

21. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): PSG silently manages the game without speeding it up.

19. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): Parisiennes continue to attack to give a bit more breadth to this already wide score.

17. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): For Yzeure, who can only defend, this encounter will likely take too long.

15. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): This was the highest score in the French cup women’s final.

13. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-5): And five! Sara Dabritz scores with her right foot in the penalty area after a cross with Kadiatou Diani from the right!

11. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-4): And four! At the entrance of the penalty area, Ashley Lawrence, used in the new corner by Sara Dabritz, scored a goal from under the bar with a beautiful shot from her right foot!

10. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-3): Seynabou Mbengue shoots inside the penalty area, his friends ball flying overhead.

9. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-3): And three! Paulina Dudek scores with her head inside the penalty area in this new corner from right to left by Sara Dabritz!

8. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-2) : There are no photographs in this meeting. Might be long for Yzeure…

6. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-2): PSG is taking a break! Marie-Antoinette Katoto, who entered the penalty area with Sara Dabritz’s right-to-left corner kick, scored two goals with a header!

4. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-1): Beitz can catch the ball and throw his own.

3. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-1): Opener for PSG! Marie-Antoinette Katoto scores with a header after her close-range left wing cross with Ramona Bachmann!

1. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-0): Grace Geyoro shoots but her ball flies through the air.

1. (Yzeure – PSG: 0-0): Let’s go to the first period! The kick-off was made and PSG stepped in.

18:10: Before reaching this final, PSG defeated Dijon in the round of 16 (0-0, 4-5 on penalties), Lyon (3-0) and Montpellier (1-3) in the round of 16. quarter-finals, ahead of Fleury 92 (2-4) in the semi-finals.

18:05: Before reaching this final, Yzeure specifically beat Toulouse (in 1-1, 5-4 items) in the last 16, then Lille (in 1-1, 5-4 items) in the last 16, Rodez (in 0- items) he won. 1 ) in the quarter-finals, eliminating Nantes (2-1) in the semi-finals.

6 pm: PSG, currently second in Division 1, have won just two of their last six games in the league each time. First against Issy (6-1) on April 16, then on May 7 in Bordeaux’s final match on the turf (1-5). In the same period, in all competitions the club also achieved two draws for two losses.

17:55: Currently third in Division 2 Group B, Yzeure has won just one of their last four meetings. He was then in the league against Montauban (3-2) on 24 April. In the same period, still in the league, the remainder of his record was tied for two losses.

17:50: The last encounter between the two line-ups dates back to June 1, 2014. On the occasion of the 22nd day of Division 1, PSG then defeated Yzeure (4-0).

17:45: PSG’s starting lineup at 4-3-3: Voll – Lawrence, De Almeida, Dudek, Karchaoui – Fazer, Geyoro (c), Dabritz – Diani, Katoto, Bachmann.
In the bench will be located: Picaud (g), Baltimore, Cascarino, Diallo, Huitema, Ildhusoy, Ilestedt.

17:40:The compositions of both teams were dropped. Here’s Yzeure’s in 4-1-4-1: Beitz – Surprise, Moreira, Manie (c), De Sousa – Tsadjia – Woedikou, Goumeziane, Ou Mahi, Seddaoui – Mbengue.
In the bench will be located: Barka, Meilleroux, Rousset, Shtainshnaider, Cassagne.

17:35: Hello to everyone! Welcome to to follow the French Women’s Cup final match Yzeure – PSG live and in full. Kick-off is scheduled for 18:15.

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