French high-end costume jewelry: evolution and latest trends

It comes with new trends every year. In the field of fashion, we see a sensational return to the jewelry that was fashionable in France in the 90s. So it’s time to rethink your look. To help you achieve that goal, we reveal some jewelery that could revolutionize your collection.

Natural stone jewelry is becoming a trend in France.
Natural stone jewelry is becoming a trend in France.
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natural stone jewelry

natural stone jewelry It has become a trend in France. In reality, this is not a novelty in itself, as these jewels have been used since the beginning of time. Therefore, it is a resurgence of an ancestral value in the fashion world. In the effect, natural gemstones It is preferred today because it has many benefits. It has a language and a deep meaning. This assumes you need to know which ones fit your personality. Do not hesitate to learn more from the lithotherapy experts on this subject. The least we can state in this article is that these crystals provide the true pleasure of wearing beauty and offer a certain amount of energy to the people who wear them.

However, it is important to direct you to the most suitable specialty stores. For example, it is possible to bet. FLIBUSTIER Paris really have handmade jewelry in France. These are made of both fine and natural stones. In short, go to this site to make your selection from the various ranges.

Maxi rings are very fashionable

We go back to the 80s to find these. fashion jewelry. These include maxi rings. Those currently introduced in the French market are from the XXL series. It is possible to find it in resin or plastic according to your preferences. Bet on the most imposing and popular models at the time of your selection. As an example, we can mention the skull ring, which is becoming more and more popular among unconditional jewelry enthusiasts.

pearl necklaces

Until now, pearl necklaces whether it is a woman or a man, it is always in the foreground. For some fans, they should be placed at the top of the list of the best jewels of the moment.

On the market today you can find other novelties that can perfectly transform your appearance. For example, it is possible to bet on the skull pendant. Available in many colors, there’s something about this fashion accessory. improve your clothes, especially those that are ancient in nature. In short, this gem will always be relevant, even in the years to come. So feel free to use them to the point of abuse.

ear piercings

this piercing it is also part of the very fashionable jewelry styles in France. This is what explains why some men are fond of it, with a particular focus on silver or gold jewelry. In terms of piercings, it is important to clarify that the choice is wide not only for jewelry, but also for venues. For example, it is possible to prioritize them. gold rings, plated mini hoop earrings diamond or small rhinestones. Either way, it’s important to hire a professional driller when adopting this style. Basically, no more doubt jewelery marketin france is experiencing a revolution that allows you to further enhance your appearance. In any case, bet on the right brands.