Go&Live: French remains the leader in language


Ssports courses, expeditions, language stays, summer camps, summer camps and more: Go&Live has a wide range of accommodations that advocate human values ​​such as sharing, exchange and personal growth. To know everything: Dive into Go&Live with an interview with group president Xavier OBERT.

Can you tell us about the different brands of the Go&Live group?

The Go&Live group brings together several partner brands specializing in school trips and language, cultural and sports accommodation for young people. The Club Langues & Civilizations brand has existed for nearly 50 years and specializes in field trips and language training in France and Europe for children, teenagers and students. CLC is even a national leader in the school travel industry, and each year many students take trips, in France or abroad, to explore the world and its cultures.

Brand Nacel offers language accommodation all over the world. Its extensive network of partner language schools allows it to offer exceptional stays in the USA, Canada, Australia as well as Bali, Dubai or South Africa. Every year, many young people leave with Nacel on the occasion of a language trip or a special long-term program that allows them to study abroad.

AmericanVillage Develops holiday camps in France immersed in American or British culture. This innovative concept of summer camps allows young people to stay close to home while immersing themselves in a new culture, all led by locals or bilinguals. In total, American Village has 18 centers spread all over France!

when it comes Youth Elite SportsThe brand organizes camps and sports courses with more than 20 sports activities such as football, gymnastics, tennis, dance, horse riding, skiing and snowboarding, surfing. MySports remains; option to choose between innovative sports, esports or English. SEJ’s specialty is that young people find themselves on real multi-sport campuses: an opportunity for them to exchange with other young people of the same age and from all walks of life!

Finally, the brand Unlimited arranges mobile stays that promote coexistence. Teens learn to travel in backpack mode: organizing work and camping, preparing meals in the community… Are the program destinations in SF? Greece, Cuba, Tanzania, Korea, Thailand, Japan… Unusual destinations, remote and by walking, cycling or even canoeing!

What do you think were the main factors in the success of Go&Live, which has become the leader in the youth travel market today?

We are a leader in the youth travel market because we have many years of expertise. We work with reliable partners and our offer is broad and diverse. At Go&Live we have accommodation for all age groups in different themes, both in France and abroad. A wide choice for our customers and their children!

We are also labeled Unosel and certified by NF Service, the latter awarded to only 7 organizations in France. We take pride in it as it demonstrates the quality of our services. Nacel and CLC are also the only companies certified for student and adult accommodation.

We also create original and exciting new products for young people. This is the case, for example, for stays in London with a visit to the Harry Potter Studio and even trips to Miami with a visit to Disney studios.

At Go&Live the emphasis is on the language training of young participants and the satisfaction of parents. Can you tell us more about that?

We offer a variety of formulas to create accommodation that suits the personality and wishes of the young person, as well as the expectations of the parents. It is very important to us to please parents who want their children to be safe, develop and speak their language, but at the same time reassure them. As for children, they should have fun and have unique experiences that will become memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

It is possible to book online or contact the consultants of our group to receive personalized advice. We also encourage parents to anticipate their reservations, as it is often too complicated to take advantage of last-minute offers when it comes to travel for minors. Indeed, it requires a lot more organization than traveling for adults.

What are your company’s goals and future projects?

With the Covid-19 crisis, we have had to adapt and develop remote options to meet the needs of our customers who want to continue learning despite hygienic conditions. We are excited to witness the gradual resumption of activities and want to develop our activities with new themes and destinations to better meet the demands of our customers.

Companies in the tourism world have been strongly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. As explained by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Minister of State for Tourism, “The year 2020 was a shock, with more than 60 billion euros missing from the tourism call. The French”. According to a report published by the UN and UNWTO in June 2021, losses from tourism on a global scale are estimated to be around $4,000 billion between 2020-2021 compared to 2019 levels. After two years of restrictions, the population again shows a genuine desire to travel and a genuine enthusiasm, especially towards foreign countries. Then it’s an opportunity for companies in the travel industry to meet a demand that promises to grow even more as summer approaches…