Government of Canada provides updates on safe sports and announces action


Minister St-Onge provides update and announces safe sporting measures

MONTREAL, 12 June 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – Honorable Pascale St OngeMinister of Sports and Minister of Economic Development Agency Canada He made an update and announcements in terms of safe sports for the Quebec regions, accompanied by sports leaders and athlete representatives.

The minister wanted to follow up on the roundtable meetings that were first launched on 31 March. It was then that an initial emergency meeting was held with the various leaders of the sports system to initiate a dialogue aimed at identifying collective solutions.

He noted that the findings emerged clearly from this consultation period. These include the need to improve the accountability of organizations; the need to promote better governance practices within organisations; and the need to increase athlete representation and voice in our system.

Secondly, the Minister had the opportunity to announce new measures falling under his jurisdiction and to be administered by Sport Canada.

Responsibility, accountability and governance: from 1private April 2023, Sport Canada will make changes to its contribution agreements with organizations that will meet the new Sports Finance and Accountability Framework eligibility requirements. The goal is to ensure that standards of governance, accountability, and safe sports are met by federally funded sports organizations. Sport Canada will work to develop new requirements and standards to achieve this goal in the coming months.

advisory Board made up of athletes To Sport Canada: This committee will be created to increase the representation of athletes in the sports system and to allow Sport Canada to receive recommendations and alignments that are consistent with the reality of athletes in the country.

The Minister also emphasized the importance of organization. Office of the Sports Integrity Commissioner (BCIS)It will begin operations on June 20. He recalls that this independent mechanism will gradually become mandatory for all national sports organisations. He described the establishment of the BCIS as a major step towards countering the culture of silence and providing an open and reliable way for all participants in sport to report abuse and mistreatment, be heard and supported. Budget 2022 proposes an investment of $16 million over three years to support the Office of the Commissioner.

Finally, Minister St-Onge pledged to continue working, noting that these new measures are only part of the solution to a responsibility shared by all leaders on the ground. He concluded by recalling the importance of consultations on the renewal of Canadian Sports Policy in the current context, and spoke in favor of a constructive dialogue with partners in the provinces and territories necessary to achieve a cultural change in sport.

Government and sports partners will continue to work together to ensure we collectively create a safe and inclusive sports environment for all Canadians.


“You can’t change everything in a few weeks, but I wanted to publicly follow our discussions and some of the work in progress. It is important to keep this dialogue alive and to be able to explain to athletes, families, organizations and employees that society is mobilized to find solutions. I see in my posts, there is a common development desire. Today’s measures are only part of the solution and add to previous work. What we want is to have a sports system that works for and with athletes, where it is just as important to be good as their performance. We want everyone to regain their trust in the system and the joy that sport represents in our lives. »

— Honorable Pascale St OngeMinister of Sports and Minister of Economic Development Agency Canada For Quebec regions

“I congratulate Minister St-Onge for his interest, concern and determination to make sport safer. Canada. we all agree status quo indefensible. By working together and listening to athletes, sports leaders and other stakeholders, we can achieve the safe and barrier-free sports system we all want. »

David ShoemakerCEO and Secretary General, Canadian Olympic Committee

“These are important steps taken to help create a safe, inclusive and inclusive, abuse-free sports system for athletes at all levels of competition. This is extremely important work for the entire sports community and we will continue to work with Minister St-Onge and all our sports partners to reinvent and improve the Canadian sports system. »

— Karen O’Neill, CEO, Canadian Paralympic Committee

“I would like to thank the Minister for his interest and concern in this urgent matter. It is clear that trust in the system has been broken and needs to be re-established. We must listen to the athletes and keep their health and wellness at the center of the sports system. We must also work together to solve these problems and create a safe system for everyone. »

Rosie MacLennanChairman, COC Athletes Commission

“We salute the work of Minister St-Onge, who took swift action to take new measures to make sport safe and enable the entire sporting community to commit to the path of change. Safe sport is a critical issue that needs to be addressed in our sports system. In order to find a solution, the opinions of the athletes are important. The job isn’t over. Athletes will take responsibility and claim responsibility for making the sports system safe for all participants. »

— Tony Walby, Chairman, Athletes’ Council, Canadian Paralympic Committee

Quick Facts

Sports Dispute Resolution Center on April 5, 2022, Canada announced the appointment of Sarah-Ève Pelletier as the first Sports Integrity Commissioner. Canada To oversee Canada’s new Safe Sports program. Ms. Pelletier is a former National Artistic Swimming Team athlete and has years of experience in the sports community as a strategy, business and legal expert.

Office of the Sports Integrity Commissioner Canada It is an independent body responsible for receiving complaints about alleged violations of the Universal Code of Conduct for Preventing and Addressing Abuse in Sport (CCUMS).

Code Behavior is the document that sets out the harmonized rules to be adopted by sports organizations funded by the country’s government. Canada. These guidelines aim to promote a respectful sports culture that provides quality sports experiences that are inclusive, accessible, welcoming and safe.

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