Great Britain advance to Round 1 in Cameroon Norie final


Cameron Norie easily defeated French wildcard Manuel Ginard to win the second round of Roland-Garros.

The Brits took the title of the No. 1 Grand Slam of the year at the Lyon Open on Saturday and won 7-5 6-2 6-0.

Now he will face Australian qualifier Jason Kupler in the next round as he wants to deepen his fantastic form in the match – at Roland-Carros he did not go beyond the third round.

“It was a battle, I should have been there in the first set. He played better and kept his intensity. “I was able to fit in and steal a break and trade,” Nori said.

“It’s a great pleasure to win my first victory here this year. It’s my first time playing on this court and it’s a very special and special environment, especially against a French player.

“I have to be very patient with the clay. I like it when I play well and I don’t like it when I’m not there.

“Winning today is great.”

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Cameron Norie vs. Manuel Kinard: It’s done

* Indicates server

Nori 7-5 6-2 6-0 Kinard – Nori won the third set and the match

Kinard’s energy on the opening set now seems to have cost him dearly, and he struggles to keep up with Nori. British No. 1 takes a 40-0 lead in the race and wins at 2:17 by a net volley.

Nori 7-5 6-2 5-0 *Kinard

Nori is in a hurry to finish the game now. Frustrated, Connor tries to serve, but Nori equalizes and wins the point. Kinard is working on the adrenaline at this point, but fires a striker beyond baseline in Norie Deuce. Kinardin makes a bold attempt, but Nori takes it back once again with an easy forehand win. Nori will serve the game.

* Nori 7-5 6-2 4-0 Kinard

Some cheers from the crowd encourage Kinard, who takes Norie’s serve ahead. But Nori now sees more undesirable mistakes in Begum’s path.

Nori 7-5 6-2 3-0 *Kinard

Looking tired from Kinard, the forehand played a big part in Nori’s 30-0 win, which was followed by the fourth double error of the game. Nori crashes again and works with him.

* Nori 7-5 6-2 2-0 Kinard

The 10th seat is now in full control and corners kicks knock your opponent down. Nori took the lead 2-0.

Nori 7-5 6-2 1-0 * Kinard

If Kinard wants to come back here, he’s facing a mountain to climb in his first game at Roland-Garros. A two-handed striker to Norie’s right grabs the edge of the baseline before Kinard sees a convincing error break again.

* Nori 7-5 6-2 Kinard – Nori won the second set

Where is he from? Incredible shots from the French led to three breaking points. Nori saves the three. Kinard couldn’t fire a daring shotgun when Nori got the setpoint. Kinard delivers a phenomenal cross-court backhand hit and gets a timeout, but Nori responds well and gives him a second set when asked for a ticket for the fifth time.

Nori 7-5 5-2 * Quinard

Kinard must now figure out how to play at the highest level, find himself 0-30 and recover two sets of points. He does, and it complicates Nori’s job.

* Nori 7-5 5-1 Kinard

Nori is now starting to highlight this, and she rarely makes mistakes. He is in love.

Nori 7-5 4-1 * Quinard

New balls and strings suitable for both players. Some of Kinard’s key shots should have been victorious, but Nori found the answer every time and took a 4-1 lead and was a bit frustrated against the French player.

* Nori 7-5 3-1 Kinard

Nori is the defender in this game and he sees that he has to save the breaking point. Kinard taps the net back and forth with his hands and Nori reenters and reaches out to take the lead.

Nori 7-5 2-1 * Quinard

Third cam and third brake service. The impressive tennis of the English number 1 calmed the French fans. Kinard looked tired from these meetings. Can he get better again?

* Nori 7-5 1-1 Kinard

A few tough forehand wins cause problems for Nori, and Nori must save three break points. He couldn’t, and Kinard backed out straight.

Nori 7-5 1-0 * Quinard

There were some early points here, but Kinard’s diagonal forehand took it 40-30. A great shot from Nori throws him out and sends him back to the dice. A starter body game works for Norie’s strength, and Norie takes a break.

* Nori 7-5 Kinard – Nori won the first set

On the 27-point rally, he took a big shot from the ground, taking a 30-15 lead and quickly dropped to two set points. After careful web work he gets it back and 71 minutes later he finally gets his first game on board.

Nori 6-5 * Quinard

Long rallies from baseline continued to dominate the queue in this game, before Nori went 15-30. An airstrike gives him two breaking points. Kinard saves them both, but does a double serve when Nori finds his third breaking point.

* Nori 5-5 Kinard

Simple Wally finds that Nori has taken control, but Kinard tells him he’s going nowhere with a backhand winner. Nori takes the first leaf from the bag.

Nori 4-5 * Quinard

Nori is no longer stunned by anything, and her shots send her rocket through the terrain. Watching a monster ace match from Kinard, Nori suddenly sits on her back foot and remains ready.

* Nori 4-4 Kinard

New balls were introduced and Kinard was the best choice to beat 0-30. A convincing mistake gets Kinnard on three breakouts and he gets a timeout on the first down – this time, Norie’s misdirected forehand.

Nori 4-3 * Quinard

He sent Norrie back into the game at 15-30, but England’s 15th mandatory error put him back on track. Another preliminary kick was then offered by Kinnard.

* Nori 4-2 Kinard

Nori reportedly didn’t want his serving game to last as long as his previous game. After the longest rally of the match (26 shots), Kinard gets a breaking point, but fails to calculate. Deuce had to go there three times to catch Nori.

Nori 3-2 * Quinard

Both players are in a sweat and the previous game seems a little inappropriate for Nori. At 40-0, he scored two points as Kinard’s round failed. Deuce returns soon, but Kinard finds himself caught by two huge shuttles from a height of 6ft 6ft. Both players need water at regular intervals.

* Nori 3-1 Kinard

A delicious hit from Kinard gets a round of applause from the net and cheers for the first point before continuing. Norie’s good pressure put the score at 30-30 and world number 11 won the fourth game despite recovering 11 times, cross checking twice and having to save a timeout.

Norie couldn’t calculate it when she exploited a few non-essential errors, but she eventually got over it. If there are any signs that this game may already be finished, we now have it.

Nori 2-1 * Quinard

The two starting points are the final 22 shots from the back of the court, both going in Norie’s direction. Norie scores three timeouts from a double fault, then Kirnard’s forehand scores a point to give him a timeout.

* Nori 1-1 Kinard

Norry Kinard crosses the field and takes a 30-0 lead. He wants to get his first points in the team.

Nori 0-1 * Quinard

Norie was left with a few time-out points early in the opening, but found the British repeatedly non-essential mistakes that brought Kinard back into the game. It takes 15-40 down to get it, and that should calm the Frenchman’s initial nerves.

2 BST in the afternoon: The rain stopped and we are back on the court! We are here.

13:10 BST: More game situations in Roland-Carros…

12:03 BST: Both players took the field and took a few shots, then the heavens opened and the lids opened. Soldiers are now back in their wardrobes as all outdoor courts have been suspended due to rain. I hope it rains in Paris soon.

11:50 AM BST: Hello, and on the second day of the French Open, the five stars of Great Britain are competing in the men’s singles and women’s singles. Emma Radukanu, Heather Watson, Don Evans and Harriet Dart started their campaign today and UK No. 1 Cameron Norie. Stay tuned for live game updates.