Heatwave in Toulouse: increased vigilance against fire risk


The heatwave episode continues in Haute-Garonne, where the Governor’s Office is maintaining its vigilance systems. High temperatures, drought and southerly winds increase the risk of fire. A decree bans recreational fireworks and the lighting of fireworks until 12 p.m. on Monday, June 20. Burning is also not possible and harvesting is not recommended.

The end of the day will be sultry in Haute-Garonne, where alertness drops to the orange level. Because this heatwave is early and temperatures are intense, the population is therefore urged to continue to follow prevention advice: avoid sun exposure and outdoor excursions during the hottest hours, drink water regularly, limit physical activity, be mindful of vulnerable people.

A few fires start

High temperatures, along with drought and weedy winds, pose a significant fire risk. According to the State of Haute-Garonne, numerous fires have been counted in recent days, some exceeding several hectares. As a result, by the governor’s decree of Saturday 18 June, all outdoor pyrotechnic activities, in particular the firing of recreational fireworks and the burning of incendiary bombs, are prohibited in the Haute-Garonne department from 6 pm to Monday, 18 June 2022. 20 June 2022 at 12 o’clock. Also, it is not possible to practice burning this weekend (with the exceptions set by town halls and the Fire and Rescue Department) and harvesting is strongly discouraged as this activity can generate sparks.

Dry storm risk

Today is Saturday, June 18th, in a very dry air with the wind, the temperature is still a little stressed
autan kept up to 70 km / h. Temperatures this afternoon will range from 35°C in Lauragais to 39°C on the edge of Tarn-et-Garonne. 38°C is expected in Toulouse.

A cooling starts from the west tonight. 21-22°C is expected tonight.
stays high. Tomorrow is Sunday, temperatures will drop a bit and should be between 35°C and 35°C.
37°C in Toulouse (slight cooling due to wind) and Comminges and Volvestre. most
The risk of thunderstorms is low and there will be dry thunderstorms accompanied by thunderstorms if needed.

Choking risks

With rising temperatures, the desire to cool off and swim remains strong. But these scorching temperatures are rising
risk of drowning. Be wary of hydroxion (thermal shock), supervise children constantly,
Take into account supervised bathroom location and your physical condition.

Correct reflexes to accept

If you know people who are elderly, isolated, disabled or vulnerable, talk to them or visit them regularly and encourage them to register with each municipality’s registry to receive help from volunteers.

Drink water regularly without waiting for thirst; cool down and wet your body (at least your face and arms) several times a day; eat enough and do not drink alcohol; avoid going out during the hottest hours and avoid physical and sports activities during the hottest hours (11:00 – 21:00) and in direct sunlight for a few hours a day in a cool place (cinema, municipal library, supermarket, museum, etc.); keep your home cool (close windows and shutters during the day, open them in the evening and at night if the weather is cooler); do not forget to regularly give your news to your loved ones and dare to ask for help when necessary;