Here are the recommendations of the province of Haute-Garonne


Météo France has placed twelve French departments on heatwave red alert as of 4pm this Friday. Among them: the four Occitan departments: Haute-Garonne, Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne and Gers. Monthly and even absolute records could brush and even drop against Friday, June 17. thermometer may exceed 40 degrees in Toulouse and don’t go below 25 the next night.

At the end of the new meeting of the Chapter Heatwave Committee, provided by the ORSEC “health management of heatwaves” plan, the Haute-Garonne region prepares a set of recommendations and recommendations for everyone.

  • Educational institutions : Parents who wish and have the opportunity will be able to keep their children at home and not send them to school or college tomorrow Friday. Schools and organizations accept students for those who cannot be cared for by their parents. However, if school premises do not meet the appropriate admission requirements during the heatwave, in most cases reception can be organized elsewhere. High schools will remain open and exams will continue.
  • Mass admission of minors: Group welcome trips for minors (child protection agencies and services, entertainment reception, holiday stays and expedition reception) should be postponed unless they are conducted in cooler locations without the need for participant travel in the heat. Access to water must be guaranteed.
  • Companies: It is up to each employer to reassess the risks to each worker on a daily basis depending on: the temperature and its development during the day, the nature of the work to be done (especially outdoors or in environments that already present high temperatures or work involving a physical load) the age and health of the workers.

Based on this reassessment of risks: the evolution of workload, working hours and more generally work organization should be adjusted to ensure the health and safety of workers during the red alert period. The list of employees who benefit from teleworking, especially to pregnant women, people suffering from chronic pathologies or disabled, etc. should be carefully reviewed. If the assessment shows that the measures taken are insufficient, especially for work performed at very high temperatures and involving a significant physical load (e.g. insulation work on roof or cladding, repeated handling of heavy loads), the employer should then decide to stop work.

  • people in dangerous situations : Daytime patrols are concentrated in Toulouse with two crews operating during the daytime (whereas patrols are usually only at night at this time of year), especially for water distribution. The governor ensured that the Food Bank had adequate water supplies. The night stop in Toulouse has been open since yesterday at 14:30 instead of the usual 18:00. The camps are equipped with a water point. Health/insecurity associations conduct regular patrols.
  • Sporting and cultural events and large outdoor gatherings : arrangements should be made to organize activities in good conditions: installation of protective measures such as delays, waiting and parking in shady areas during the coolest hours of the day, access to water, cool places, temporary emergency devices. Otherwise, we invite the organizers to cancel or postpone their events.
  • Individual Sports : It is recommended to greatly limit any activity outdoors and indoors without air conditioning.

Finally, it is advisable to be particularly careful in this regard. forest fire risk, especially sensitive right now. The governor is activating the departmental operations center, which is the steering body for crisis management at the Haute-Garonne level, starting this Friday.

Heat wave: what to do

Reflexes that everyone should adopt in hot weather:

  • Drink water regularly without waiting for thirst.
  • Cool and wet your body (at least your face and forearms) several times a day.
  • Eat enough and don’t drink alcohol.
  • Avoid going out during the hottest hours and spend a few hours a day in a cool place.
  • Avoid physical and sporting activities during the hottest hours (11:00 – 21:00) and in direct sunlight.
  • Keep your accommodation cool (close windows and shutters during the day, open them in the evening and at night if the weather is cooler).
  • Don’t forget to give your news to loved ones regularly and dare to ask for help when needed.
  • Check the Météo-France website regularly for information.

A government-activated toll-free number

The Ministry of Health decided to activate the toll-free number of the Heatwave information service this Thursday: 0800.06.66.66. It will be available from 9am to 7pm until the end of the heatwave. Calls from a landline in mainland France are free. According to Météo France, a heatwave peak is expected with “unprecedented temperatures for June” on Friday and Saturday.